[China Glaze] Flirty Tankini

I’m trying to get an overview regarding my China Glaze stash. Like this brand so much. So I recognised Flirty Tankini and that I hadn’t shown this yet. Here it comes, neon coral (with a hint of pink).

flirty tankini

flirty tankini0

Artificial light and the normal finish, which is semi-matte.

flirty tankini1

flirty tankini2

flirty tankini4

Here it is with a layer of top coat, which doesn’t really make a difference in the photos, I guess.

flirty tankini5

flirty tankini6

Close-up view.

flirty tankini m

[ManGlaze] Santorum

Gosh, the name! :mrgreen: Check out Wikepedia or some urban dictionary, if you haven’t heard of “santorum” before, it only sounds like a monastic order 🙄 … As for this nail varnish, the colour is dark brown with shimmer, due to silver microglitter. Super matte finish too.


Application was two coats. Artificial light:



Natural light on the next day; I had applied hand cream and did some household chores, that’s why the finish looks more glossy in these pics.




Close-up photos.

santorum m1_zpstliqnyab santorum m2_zpsvkiyjkle

[Essence] Miss Frost

Yes … that’s wa winter release. I got this for Christmas from my daughter, and since I am into reds, Miss Frost is a beautiful addition to my stash. The red contains a tad of raspberry and also a visible shimmer – but overall the finish is matte!

miss frost_zpsp03gqd0x

Two coats shown below. No top coat of course. 😉

miss frost1_zpsvhjqn7in

miss frost2_zpstunufavg

miss frost3_zps3hwu1h1t

Close-up picture.

miss frost m_zpstnoklrxs

[China Glaze] Partridge In A Palm Tree

The nice bit about Partridge In A Palm Tree: It’s a beautiful shade, mint green with a hint of aqua, visible shimmer and it dries matte! That’s enough to know to fall in love with this.

Partridge In A Palm Tree_zpshad6pnlj

But when it came to application I almost went mad. First of all, this dries very – VERY – quickly, which is probably a plus. But, at least regarding my very own experience, the Partridge does noch seem to like base coats. First try: I messed both the base and the polish layer. Second and third try: I don’t know why, but I ended up with a crackled finish – “crackled” as in “crackle effect top coat”. Which is certainly not what Partridge In A Palm Tree is meant for.

Hence, forth try (with my living room smelling of nail polish remover …): no base – and it worked, but the “work quickly” formula still applied. Shown below is result no. 4, no base, two coats of Partridge On A Palm Tree.

partridge in a palm tree1_zpsnreydirj

partridge in a palm tree2_zps2gendpit

partridge in a palm tree3_zpsfn4rxnmx

The colour was definitely worth the effort. Nevertheless I am not sure whether I will try it again … but (the same night) I added some top coat to bring out the shimmer.

partridge in a palm tree tc1_zpssfojyto7

partridge in a palm tree tc2_zpsifqb4ibg

Close-up view.

partridge in a palm tree m1_zps6swoyizb partridge in a palm tree m2_zpsf7fkyx3r

[Essence] The Frosted

One more white (although I am currently wearing the new Blanc White by Chanel; finally, I could get my hands on the Spring collection – photos will be shown soon) … The Frosted has a matte (or suède) finish, yet this white contains glitter particles.

the frosted_zpsiugqzact

This is two coats without top coat under artificial light.

the frosted1_zpstqnbusnb

the frosted2_zpsfqsmps2o

Applying a top coat brings out the shimmer. I took these photos the next morning, so it’s natural daylight. Even though I like matte nail colours, I prefer the glossy look in this case.

the frosted3_zpsomebb5zo

the frosted4_zpsfu6y7k3b

Close-up view without top coat.

the frosted m no tc_zpsezozbipd

[Chanel] Pink Rubber (#542)

On Tuesday, I had an appointment at Alsterhaus with my favourite Chanel counter, since their Makeup artist Yannick Lemaire was back, and so he did my makeup, using products mainly from the current Collection Libre. I had Pink Rubber on my nails, which is part of the collection. Yannick re-created the look of the campaign, a strong eye with graphic effects – liked it so much and felt gorgeous.

As for Pink Rubber, this is a pale pink with a suède (“velvet”) finish.

pink rubber542_zpsataxxbbs

Two coats applied.

pink rubber542 1_zpsdlqhri2i

pink rubber542 2_zpsmzcrimpo

pink rubber542 3_zpskfshge6o

I played Pokémon Go before taking the photos, and a Spearow turned up to take charge of the bottle, haha! 😉