[Chanel] Techno Bloom (#648)

Spring is hear, at least in the blog. Outside, the wheather changes between light snowfall and cold breezes, so it’s chilly in any case. Techno Bloom lights up the day. It’s a bright fuchsia and labeled “neon”.

techno bloom648

Two coats applied. No top coat, since I like the matte finish. Photos were taken under artificial lighting.

techno bloom648 0

This is Techno Bloom without a white base, but I will try this colour again, in order to bring out the neon effect.

techno bloom648 1

techno bloom648 2

techno bloom648 3

techno bloom648 4

[Chanel] Ultime (#636)

Ultime – classic red shade with a matte (or “velvet”) finish.


Two coats shown below. I can’t get used to the current weather, which is chilly and rainy. So, autumn has finally arrived.

ultime636 0

ultime636 1

ultime636 2

Artificial lighting. You note that this one has a slight blue undertone. Apart from the colour, I like the finish too. Even the bottle has a matte design.

ultime636 3

ultime636 4

ultime636 5

ultime636 6

[Chanel] Profondeur (#638)

From Thursday onwards, for the next ten days, I’ll be at Fantasy Filmfest as I am every year. It’s my favourite filmfest and hence season. Until then, I hope to show some more colours and start with Profondeur of Chanel’s current collection for autumn. This has a matte (“velvet”) finish and even comes with a matte bottle. The colour is dark red.


Two coats shown below. No top coat of course. The velvet finish looks so classy, as does the colour.

profondeur638 0

profondeur638 1

profondeur638 2

profondeur638 3

profondeur638 4

Artificial light.

profondeur638 5

profondeur638 6

[Essence] Pour Some Glitter On Me

With Christmas approaching, I’m definitely in the mood for glitter and bling (apart from Christmas sweaters 😉 ). Pour Some Glitter On Me is packed with hexagon-shaped golden and silver glitter chunks, and it is even more special because it dries matte. That’s really something, isn’t it? 😉

pour some glitter on me

I didn’t fish for the glitter and “poured” one coat on Chanel Fiction. You might notice the matte effect.

pour some glitter on me1

pour some glitter on me2

pour some glitter on me3

pour some glitter on me4

pour some glitter on me5

Macro photo.

pour some glitter on me m

pour some glitter on me6

[Chanel] Scenario (#604)

A current favourite, with special regard to Christmas. I fancy reds and I fancy neons; Scenario combines both.


Two coats applied. The finish is actually matte but photos were taken with top coat.

scenario604 0

scenario604 1

scenario604 2

scenario604 3


scenario604 4

scenario604 5

On my way to the subway – here you can probably see how bright this is. 🙂

scenario604 6

scenario604 7

[ManGlaze] Nawsome Sauce

Hello! I’ve stayed in Hamburg over the weekend but took some time off the Internet and the more I have to catch up with now when it comes to work and organising stuff. Nevertheless I had a wonderful weekend.

Here is another green, an older one: Nawsome Sauce by ManGlaze.

nawsome sauce

Two coats shown below without top coat. And, yes, even though it looks glossy, it’s actually matte (but with shimmer).





Close-up picture.

nawsomesauce m

[Essence] Relax Rosy

Due to a severe storm in the North of Germany we were advised to stay home, for safety reasons. So I swatched some nail varnishes and watched Guardians of the Galaxy on DVD. This one is another matte. Relax Rosy is pink with a hint of rosewood.

relax rosy

Two coats applied.

relax rosy1

relax rosy2

relax rosy3

relax rosy4

Close-up (please excuse the uneven application; I didn’t use base coat).

relax rosy m