[Essie] Braziliant

I have neither worn, nor posted an Essie nail polish for quite some time, so when I noticed the photo of Braziliant in my files I pulled it out. The colour is orange with hints of coral, and contains glassflecks.


Shown below is two coats.





Close-up photo.

braziliant m


[Essie] Beyond Cozy

Beyond Cozy is a real Christmas colour, mostly consisting of pale golden glitter. This had actually been released for the 2012 season. Moreover, I took the photos in March this year and discovered them today. :mrgreen:


Two coats shown below.






Close-up view.


[Essie] Dive Bar

This has been in my drafts for more than two years. 😯 No idea why it has taken me so long to post this, since Dive Bar is actually such a beautiful colour! This is an iridescent dark green with hints of teal and purple, as well as shimmer, really pretty for this time of the year.

dive bar

Although these photos were taken in June 2012 ❗ , I am sure I used to coats back then. 😉

dive bar

dive bar

dive bar

dive bar

Close-up view.

dive bar

dive bar

[Essie] Pretty Edgy

Happy St Patrick’s Day! 🙂 Regarding this occasion, I was browsing my drafts, and this is the oldest unpublished (so far) green I found: Pretty Edgy. Here’s the mini version.

pretty edgy

I’ve never tried this as my actual mani, just swatched it, admitting that I prefer Mojito Madness (which would be great for St Patrick’s Day too). Two coats shown below, and maybe I should give Pretty Edgy a real try.

pretty edgy

Guess when I took these pictures … it’s been almost two years ago, May 2012. 😯

pretty edgy