[Chanel] Prune Dramatique (#628)

And another Chanel, Prune Dramatique. This is a plum shade.

prune dramatique628

With the weather still being to chilly for my taste, I’m more in the mood for bright colours or at least shades which remind of spring. Nevertheless Prune Dramatique is beautiful (but actually just another plum, cf. Amethyst for instance). Two coats applied.

prunedramatique628 0

prunedramatique628 1

prunedramatique628 2

prunedramatique628 3

prunedramatique628 4

Daylight pictures are scare and I took this one before swimming.

prunedramatique628 5

Correspondingly this was about two hours later after my swimming routine. A bit tip wear but I didn’t mind because I had worn Prune Dramatique for two days already.

prunedramatique628 6


[Dior] Amethyst (#998)

I don’t know why but Amethyst puts me in the mood for Christmas. Maybe it’s the plum colour (in addition to the bauble-shaped bottle).


I had not been wearing plum or purple for a while and this is really beautiful. Two coats applied.

amethyst998 3

amethyst998 4

amethyst998 5

amethyst998 6

Artificial light.

amethyst998 1

amethyst998 2

[Chanel] Paparazzi (#579)

I tried to find Paparazzi in this blog, then realised that I had worn but obviously not been taking photos of it … thus I applied it again. The colour is brown with a hint of plum and copper shimmer.


Two coats shown below. I didn’t like it when I first tried it shortly after its release (hence summer 2013) but don’t remember why. Maybe the usual skinton/nail colour clash. Nevertheless, when I wore Paparazzi again a couple of weeks ago, I thought it looked really classy on my nails. Even under artificial light. 😉

paparazzi579 1

paparazzi579 2

Even better in daylight! 😎

paparazzi579 3

paparazzi579 4

paparazzi579 5

Close-up view.

paparazzi579 m

So, I’m sorry for not having shown it before. But even if I had – Photobucket is still keeping my stuff on hold, and I am very slow regarding migrating to flickr. I usually try to update all posts (i. e. uploading photos again) I notice you were clicking on, so at least you’ll have those.

And for something else: Tomorrow we’ll be going to a pool party, which is taking place at the local swimming bath (it’s a small, but this place has only a population of 32,000). You remember that I love swimming and I go there regularly. There will be a professional setup, involving many games and so, of course, it’s especially for children, so I guess my daughter will have loads of fun. And me too. People are so incredibly nice over there, guests as well as staff. I have kind of a swimming buddy – not a real buddy, just an old man I can share a lane with when it gets too muddled up in the pool. So we never speak – but don’t get in each other’s way, and he is a bit faster than me, but I seem to have gotten better, haha. 😉 But what I was actually about to say: At first, I thought he was in his mid-50s, until I could take a look at his face without his goggles – I would have guessed: 70 and above. But swims so so fast! Today I had another peek, and believe me or not: He must be way older than 80! I was just thinking: OMG! 😯 I wish I was that fit. Amazing.

(Also loved that tousle-haired granny today, who was a slow swimmer but still decided to move to the fast track – which I only use when there is no other lap. She looked to happy and smiled a lot! 🙂 )