[A England] Sleeping Palace

Hidden beauty in my stash – literally. It’s been a while since I purchased Sleeping Palace, 2013 to be precise. But only recently I came to wear it. The colour is a muted plum with copper and scattered holographic finish.


Two coats shown below under artificial light.

sleeping palace1_zpsiejyzqtv

sleeping palace2_zpsxbaq06dh

sleeping palace3_zpsfrua6k1s

sleeping palace4_zpsraoejqqe

Here’s the macro shot.

sleeping palace m_zpsu89xrggo

[Dior] Cosmic (#899)

One of my latest Dior nail varnishes is Cosmic – it’s actually brand new, being part of this year’s Christmas Collection. The colour is a dark eggplant/plum base with golden shimmer.


Application was two coats. I tried my best regarding capturing the shimmer, but it was too dark in the flat. Probably the macro view at the end of this post will give you an idea.

cosmic899 1_zpsuz8ddvfn

cosmic899 2_zpsw8ypgshm
cosmic899 3_zpsezdzzrvr

cosmic899 4_zpscrudb7eh

Close-up view.

cosmic899 4mjpg_zpsrfvrlew2

[Dior] Première (#977)

Première, a slightly muted plum shade. I actually wanted to show this yesterday, but had some issues with uploading photos … so here it is now.


Two coats applied. Photos were a bit tricky to take because there wasn’t so much light in the flat, but it wasn’t really better outside, because of grey clouds. I tried my best and when the sun finally came out, I grabbed Première again from my stash (which is in a built-in cupboard) like a maniac; so much for the last photo. 😉 However, in the first picture, the colour comes close to how it actually looks like.

premiere977 1_zpsfzg0sjmd

premiere977 2_zpsc7nm3d7c

premiere977 3_zpsfojfudws

Direct sunlight, yay! 😎


[OPI] You Ottaware Purple

This too was kept in my stash for, well, years! You Ottaware Purple dates back to 2004 (Canadian collection, as implied by the name) the and so I guess that that was the age of shimmer finishes, which adds to the purple base of You Ottaware Purple.

You Ottaware Purple

As for the formula, it’s rather sheer. I applied three thin coats. This colour somehow takes me back in time. 😉

You Ottaware Purple

You Ottaware Purple

You Ottaware Purple

You Ottaware Purple

Macro view.

[Chanel] Châtaigne (669)

Châtaigne. Dark chestnut brown with a slight proportion of eggplant/plum, just enough to be visible.


Brilliant glossy finish, by the way. I only added top coat to achieve a dry surface more quickly, but it is not really necessary for Châtaigne. Shown below is two coats.

Direct sunlight:





Indirect light (that’s why I am posting so many photos).