[Chanel] Prune Dramatique (#628)

And another Chanel, Prune Dramatique. This is a plum shade.

prune dramatique628

With the weather still being to chilly for my taste, I’m more in the mood for bright colours or at least shades which remind of spring. Nevertheless Prune Dramatique is beautiful (but actually just another plum, cf. Amethyst for instance). Two coats applied.

prunedramatique628 0

prunedramatique628 1

prunedramatique628 2

prunedramatique628 3

prunedramatique628 4

Daylight pictures are scare and I took this one before swimming.

prunedramatique628 5

Correspondingly this was about two hours later after my swimming routine. A bit tip wear but I didn’t mind because I had worn Prune Dramatique for two days already.

prunedramatique628 6


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