[Essence] My Hula Hoop

Baby pink, if not girly, with a hint of pastel. My Hula Hoop belongs indeed to my daughter but I could not resist this pretty colour.

my hula hoop

Two coats shown below.

my hula hoop1

my hula hoop2

my hula hoop3

Artificial light.

my hula hoop4

my hula hoop5

my hula hoop6


[China Glaze] Fresh Prince-ss

Japan Filmfest Hamburg is approaching, only two days to go, and for the first time (mainly due to my general admission ticket), I’ll be joining the opening night with “Innocent Blood”. Really looking forward! 🙂

As for further preparation (actually just for fun), I have planned to finally visit Sakura manga shop tomorrow – let’s see what they have got. To be honest, it’s more my daughter who wanted to go there (I’m more of a film buff).

But let’s skip this and have a look at today’s nail varnish, which is Fresh Prince-ss. Baby pink, a bit like sakura maybe. 😉

fresh prince-ss_zpsqygj9iaq

Shown below is two coats. Flawless China Glaze quality as always.

fresh prince-ss1_zpssc4pghps

fresh prince-ss2_zpsu9tijpsi

fresh prince-ss3_zpsi06fhm3g

fresh prince-ss5_zpsmcyzmoek

[Yves Saint Laurent] Rose Scabiosa (#48)

Hope your Christmas was wonderful1 Now let’s move on to the end of this year. I am still enjoying being in Lower Saxony. So peaceful and quiet here, swimming bath every day … although less Pokéstops than in Hamburg! 🙂

Rose Scabiosa. I’ve had this in my stash for ages. It’s light pink – no pastel – with a hint of lilac. Looks very feminine in the bottle but often these pinks clash with my skintone, which is probably why I had put Rose Scabiosa on hold.

rose scabiosa 48_zps8qkcbqci

Two coats shown below.

rose scabiosa48 1_zpsfvxbb0qb

rose scabiosa48 2_zpsf9qtmuqn

rose scabiosa48 3_zpscdg9yaj6

[Chanel] Pink Rubber (#542)

On Tuesday, I had an appointment at Alsterhaus with my favourite Chanel counter, since their Makeup artist Yannick Lemaire was back, and so he did my makeup, using products mainly from the current Collection Libre. I had Pink Rubber on my nails, which is part of the collection. Yannick re-created the look of the campaign, a strong eye with graphic effects – liked it so much and felt gorgeous.

As for Pink Rubber, this is a pale pink with a suède (“velvet”) finish.

pink rubber542_zpsataxxbbs

Two coats applied.

pink rubber542 1_zpsdlqhri2i

pink rubber542 2_zpsmzcrimpo

pink rubber542 3_zpskfshge6o

I played Pokémon Go before taking the photos, and a Spearow turned up to take charge of the bottle, haha! 😉