[The Hungry Asian] Zera

I have the summer nail varnishes of Chanel and Dior ready to be applied – but first, it’s Zera. Last week I was in the mood for grey, and this one comes with a subtle green shimmer.



After I had taken the photos I realised that there was still a draft waiting to be posted – since 2012! So here are the old photos, two coats (I guess).







Photos from last week. 😉






[Essence] Grey-t to be here

Happy New Year – although it’s been 2018 for almost one week. I just realised that this is the first post of this year. I’ve been back in Hamburg for a couple of days and already been a bit busy too … happily enjoying the rest of the weekend.

Grey nail varnishes are so special; I like this colour very much, also regarding clothing. Grey-t to be here comes with a pink shimmer. It’s really there even when it’s hard to see from the photos, argh! 😮

grey t to be here

Two coats shown below.

grey-t to be here n1

grey-t to be here n2

grey-t to be here n3

grey-t to be here n4


grey-t to be here nm

[China Glaze] Sea Spray

I recently remembered Sea Spray and was quite sure that I had already shown it – not really, only with It’s a Trap-eze as layering. So here is Sea Spray on its own, it’s dove grey with a slight shimmer.

sea spray

Two coats applied. I liked this so much on my nails that I removed it only after three days, with no chipping and nearly no tip wear.






Close-up for the glassflecks.

seaspray m

[Essence] Listen to the Sound of the Waves

October already! Because of the German Reunification Day on Tuesday, I’m staying at my mother’s for a long weekend. Listen to the Sound of the Waves is the shade I applied yesterday. This nail varnish actually belongs to my daughter, but when I noticed it, I had to try it. In the bottle, it looks grey with silver microglitter, and it also says “Sand Effect” on the lid.

listen to the sound of the waves

Once applied, however, the finish isn’t “sand” or even gritty at all. At no stage during application. Nevertheless, I don’t mind. I checked out other blogs, and they too report that Listen to the Sound of the Waves dries actually glossy. On the nails, it also shows hints of lilac, and the shimmer is very subtle. Overall, it’s very pretty! Shown below is two coats.

listen to the sound1

listen to the sound2

listen to the sound3

listen to the sound4

listen to the sound5

Been out for a walk. 🙂

listen to the sound6

Close-up. I think the glitter makes it seem three-dimensional, so probably this is what is referred to as “sand effect”. 😉

listen to the sound m

[Chanel] Horizon Line (#576)

It’s Fantasy Filmfest soon – Thursday, to be precise -, meaning that I will be at the cinema for five to six films a day, until the 17th of September. As every year, I am really looking forward to those (I guess tgey are) 54 movies! So it’s going to be a bit silent in the blog, as I won’t have much time to change my nail colour and will probably wear shades I have tried before. I will pick up four new colours at Dior tomorrow, and there’s also Sophisticated from Dior, which I could not find in Europe and thus got from Singapore, and finally, I purchased Horizon Line and New Dawn, the latest Chanel nail varnishes for autumn, both very pretty.

I wore Horizon Line today, and it’s a seafom-infused 😉 grey shade.

horizon line576

Two coats shown below. The hint of green is subtle – but it’s there.

horizonline576 0

horizonline576 1

horizonline576 2

horizonline576 3

horizonline576 4

Artificial light.

horizonline576 5

horizonline576 6

[Dior] Metallics (#612)

So here’s the third of this year’s nail varnishes for autumn by Dior. Metallics is a grey metallic (obviously 😉 ) shade, containing a hint of lilac.


Two coats shown below. Depending on the light, you might notice a slight lilac shimmer. Although I like Paradox, I think Metallics is my favourite regarding this collection. It’s more complex.

metallics612 1

metallics612 2

metallics612 3

metallics612 4

metallics612 5

Macro photo (with lilac microshimmer).

metallics612 m1

[Dior] Paradox (#917)

I’m almost on the way to catch my train to Hamburg, but not without showing you Paradox. Green with grey and shimmer, creating a metallic finish. At first glance I felt reminded of Black Pearl – and how I like green-toned shades. However, Black Pearl has a bigger proportion of green, while the shimmer of Paradox is more prominent.


Two coats shown below.

paradox917 1

paradox917 2

paradox917 3

paradox917 4

paradox917 5

Close-up photo.

paradox917 m