[Chanel] Horizon Line (#576)

It’s Fantasy Filmfest soon – Thursday, to be precise -, meaning that I will be at the cinema for five to six films a day, until the 17th of September. As every year, I am really looking forward to those (I guess tgey are) 54 movies! So it’s going to be a bit silent in the blog, as I won’t have much time to change my nail colour and will probably wear shades I have tried before. I will pick up four new colours at Dior tomorrow, and there’s also Sophisticated from Dior, which I could not find in Europe and thus got from Singapore, and finally, I purchased Horizon Line and New Dawn, the latest Chanel nail varnishes for autumn, both very pretty.

I wore Horizon Line today, and it’s a seafom-infused 😉 grey shade.

horizon line576

Two coats shown below. The hint of green is subtle – but it’s there.

horizonline576 0

horizonline576 1

horizonline576 2

horizonline576 3

horizonline576 4

Artificial light.

horizonline576 5

horizonline576 6


[Dior] Metallics (#612)

So here’s the third of this year’s nail varnishes for autumn by Dior. Metallics is a grey metallic (obviously 😉 ) shade, containing a hint of lilac.


Two coats shown below. Depending on the light, you might notice a slight lilac shimmer. Although I like Paradox, I think Metallics is my favourite regarding this collection. It’s more complex.

metallics612 1

metallics612 2

metallics612 3

metallics612 4

metallics612 5

Macro photo (with lilac microshimmer).

metallics612 m1

[Dior] Paradox (#917)

I’m almost on the way to catch my train to Hamburg, but not without showing you Paradox. Green with grey and shimmer, creating a metallic finish. At first glance I felt reminded of Black Pearl – and how I like green-toned shades. However, Black Pearl has a bigger proportion of green, while the shimmer of Paradox is more prominent.


Two coats shown below.

paradox917 1

paradox917 2

paradox917 3

paradox917 4

paradox917 5

Close-up photo.

paradox917 m

[Chanel] Monochrome (#522)

I’m affected by photobucket’s new T&Cs, which won’t allow embedding photos in third-party websites any more, if you have a free account (like me). That means that you will notice those funny (actually they are not really funny) black boxes in some posts. I’m working on this; I rediscovered my flickr account which I had set up years ago but never used, but migration will take some time, so thank you for still sticking around!

As for Monochrome, photos are hosted by flickr already. 😉 Pretty grey shade, two coats applied.


monochrome522 1_zpsowp6aubr

monochrome522  2_zps6xelrbws

monochrome522  3_zpsmpv8j9vx

[Chanel] Inframétal

First entry for this month – Japan Filmfest Hamburg ended last Sunday and – as always – I had a wonderful time. It’s a bit like going on a study or even school trip, only with sleeping at home. But with being at the cinema around noon and finishing past 1 am (that’s five to six films a day), it feels like that. 🙂

Inframétal would have been a good pick regarding the (mainly) horror-themed films I saw. It’s charcoal metallic with shimmer.


Two coats shown below.






Close-up photo.

inframetal m_zpspdhcgenw

[A England] Fated Prince

Recently, I discovered Fated Prince, which had not only spent ages in my stash but also on my desk. But whenever I wanted to apply it, there was some new collection released or I wasn’t in the mood for darker colours or whatever … Finally, here it is. Charcoal grey with olive glitter and holographic finish.

fated prince

And – this Fated Prince is a beauty. Luckily shown in bright daylight.





However, it’s no less stunning under artificial light.


Close-up view.
fatedprince m_zpspgc9jifu

[Chanel] Sargasso (#558)

Finally the first summer nail varnish. I’ve had Sargasso for a few weeks now but could not manage posting the photos earlier. This is such a beautiful shade, grey with green (or, as Chanel says, blue-green) shimmer. I have always been fond of Black Pearl, and Sargasso reminds me of this, although darker and without the pearl finish.


Shown below is two coats. It’s hard to notice the shimmer, which is more than subtle, once applied. Artificial light.

sargasso558 1_zpsmhvlwh22

sargasso558 2_zpstwjup1jt

sargasso558 3_zpsqgbwmqoi

sargasso558 4_zps9vxflelv

Natural light.

sargasso558 5_zpscn5xgrcy

sargasso558 6_zpsutmb3faf

A blurred close-up picture.

sargasso558 m_zpsrv9blixu