[Essence] You Belong to Me

This is a super old swatch – I thought I had posted this ages ago but obviously I haven’t. It’s “Fetifest” currently, a totally sick stuff film festival, which is kind of co-hosted by Japan-Filmfest Hamburg and lasts for two days at Studio-Kino. Also, there is a Sion Sono special at B-Movie cinema … so lots of films to watch for me for the rest of this month.

As for You Blong to Me, this is a classic mint green with a small proportion of turquoise (or even blue).


Two coats applied.




Close-up. (Why did I do that? It’s crème finish, but anyway.)



[Essence] Fun Is Where You Are

Pastel mint green with great coverage.

fun is where you are_zps3hsotqfa

There’s actually nothing more to say about this – just loved this shade and its application. Shown below is two coats.

fun is where you are1_zpsldsgdqgt

fun is where you are2_zpscoqlmf9t

fun is where you are3_zpswowpwr2w

fun is where you are4_zpsvqf0ky5b

[Dior] Spring Bud (#100)

On Sunday I had Spring Bud on my nails. This is from the latest Diorsnow collection and thus Asia-exclusive (I got my bottle from Singapore). You may remember that I am deeply into greens. Spring bud is a seafoam green (not pastel) with golden and green shimmer.

spring bud100_zpsu3pgfd7f

Although it was cloudy in the morning the sun came out when we finished swimming, and so these photos were taken right in front of the swimming bath. 😉

springbud100 1_zpsvertsk8v

springbud100 2_zpsjysd7gfq

springbud100 3_zpsff0p7xwv

springbud100 4_zpsolnzhmyk

Close-up view.

springbud100 m_zpsrkntwndu

[Essence] Play With My Mint

Play With My Mint; this is a shade I had wanted to try for so long. Mint green is for sure a favourite colour. This came as a surprise with my Essence advent calendar, hence the cute snowflakes on the lid.

play with my mint_zpstfpreupw

Application was two coats. Perfect mint green – and glossy on its own already (although I sealed the manicure with a top coat).

play with my mint1_zpsnrmdzcqx

play with my mint2_zpsu1ly24jp

play with my mint3_zps4sbkfvmm

[China Glaze] Partridge In A Palm Tree

The nice bit about Partridge In A Palm Tree: It’s a beautiful shade, mint green with a hint of aqua, visible shimmer and it dries matte! That’s enough to know to fall in love with this.

Partridge In A Palm Tree_zpshad6pnlj

But when it came to application I almost went mad. First of all, this dries very – VERY – quickly, which is probably a plus. But, at least regarding my very own experience, the Partridge does noch seem to like base coats. First try: I messed both the base and the polish layer. Second and third try: I don’t know why, but I ended up with a crackled finish – “crackled” as in “crackle effect top coat”. Which is certainly not what Partridge In A Palm Tree is meant for.

Hence, forth try (with my living room smelling of nail polish remover …): no base – and it worked, but the “work quickly” formula still applied. Shown below is result no. 4, no base, two coats of Partridge On A Palm Tree.

partridge in a palm tree1_zpsnreydirj

partridge in a palm tree2_zps2gendpit

partridge in a palm tree3_zpsfn4rxnmx

The colour was definitely worth the effort. Nevertheless I am not sure whether I will try it again … but (the same night) I added some top coat to bring out the shimmer.

partridge in a palm tree tc1_zpssfojyto7

partridge in a palm tree tc2_zpsifqb4ibg

Close-up view.

partridge in a palm tree m1_zps6swoyizb partridge in a palm tree m2_zpsf7fkyx3r

[Lacura] Peppermint

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful time yesterday at New Year’s Eve, and may 2017 bring everything you wish for.

Since I am still at my mother’s house, I am not painting my nails too often now (which, in my terms, means every two or three days), and I also brought colours I have worn and posted before. So there isn’t anything new to show, but I still have some shades in my drafs, and I am starting with Peppermint. This is quite an unusual Lacura – regarding the bottle design. I found this in a store near my mother’s place, and the mint green of Peppermint looks so pretty.


Flawless application, quick drying, and shown below is two coats.




[Wet n Wild] I Need a Refresh-mint

Quite literally, yes! Over the past few days, temperatures have risen to about 33 °C. I Loved it but when it gets that warm, liquid intake matters so much. Moreover, we wnt to the swimming bath every day. It’s so mich fun there and never crowded. Before we left for Lower Saxony, I secured my pick from Chanel’s collection for autumn at Alsterhaus, but due to the heat, I’m still not in the mood for anything autumnal (indeed, I have been wearing neon colours on my nails and am sill) … so I have not tried anything yet (got some eye makeup stuff too and the solours look so amazing).

As for today’s nail colour, it’s I Need a Refresh-mint. Classic mint green with a tad of turquoise. I remember when I received this from my friend Judi of Middle Aged Beauty Queen blog, and since I am a huge fan of mint shades, this became a favourite instantly.


Shown below is two coats.