[Chanel] Radiant Verde (#723)

Chanel’s latest release is six ‘radiant’ shades, alluding to already existent colours. I bought them at Beauty Boutique Hamburg at the beginning of the week, and the first shade I tried is Radiant Verde, the shimmer version of Vert No. 19. Hence this one is a blend of mint and turquoise green too, and golden shimmer was added.

radiant verde723

I can’t say why I expected a formula more on the sheerer side, but much to my surprise, Radiant Green is actually a one-coater! (Exclamation mark quite necessary. 😉 ) With just one coat it is fully opaque. To achieve a more even result, shown below is two coats. I also apologise for the bins in the background; our neighbour had the hedge and bushes removed. 😦

radiant verde723 0

radiant verde723 1

radiant verde723 2

radiant verde723 3

radiant verde723 4

Artificial lighting.

radiant verde723 5

radiant verde723 6

Close-up photo.

radiant verde723 m

[Essence] Everybody Say Yeah

I actually wanted to wear this for Easter because the slightly pastel mint green would have matchedsome festive days. A few days later, Everybody Say Yeah made it to my nails.

everybody say yeah

Shown below is two coats. I’m still excited about the new (even better) Essence formula: three days without chipping or tipwear, probably longer, but I usually try to change colous every two or three days. I’m getting used to the new bottle shape too.

everybody say yeah1

everybody say yeah2

everybody say yeah3

everybody say yeah4

everybody say yeah5

Two Fingered Salute Again

March already. It’s carnival season at the moment although not in the North of Germany. Hope I’ll be at the house soon and enjoy some time off but this week will be a bit busy. Nevertheless I look forward to my next swimming session tomorrow.

I’m not sure whether I had applied Two Fingered Salute after the 2013 post again … but there are some new photos from last week. It’s been ages since I wore Butter London. Here’s Two Fingered Salute with two coats.

two fingered salute1

two fingered salute2

two fingered salute3

two fingered salute4

Close-up. Still admire the copper flakes, combined with the mint green base.

two fingered salute m

[China Glaze] Highlight Of My Summer

Highlight Of My Summer. Amazing neon mint green – truly an unsual combo, which is why I like this so much. Moreover, it has been snowing again (note: It’s Holy Thursday and exactly one year ago we had 22 degrees celsius outside 🙄 ), so I need bright colours that at least remind of spring.

highlight of my summer

Two coats shown below. The neon is more on the pastel side but it’s really bright and flashy. Couldn’t stop looking at my nails and admiring it. 😉






Artificial light.



[Essence] You Belong to Me

This is a super old swatch – I thought I had posted this ages ago but obviously I haven’t. It’s “Fetifest” currently, a totally sick stuff film festival, which is kind of co-hosted by Japan-Filmfest Hamburg and lasts for two days at Studio-Kino. Also, there is a Sion Sono special at B-Movie cinema … so lots of films to watch for me for the rest of this month.

As for You Blong to Me, this is a classic mint green with a small proportion of turquoise (or even blue).


Two coats applied.




Close-up. (Why did I do that? It’s crème finish, but anyway.)


[Dior] Spring Bud (#100)

On Sunday I had Spring Bud on my nails. This is from the latest Diorsnow collection and thus Asia-exclusive (I got my bottle from Singapore). You may remember that I am deeply into greens. Spring bud is a seafoam green (not pastel) with golden and green shimmer.

spring bud100_zpsu3pgfd7f

Although it was cloudy in the morning the sun came out when we finished swimming, and so these photos were taken right in front of the swimming bath. 😉

springbud100 1_zpsvertsk8v

springbud100 2_zpsjysd7gfq

springbud100 3_zpsff0p7xwv

springbud100 4_zpsolnzhmyk

Close-up view.

springbud100 m_zpsrkntwndu