[A England] Punk

Seeing this makes me actually miss Hamburg – although I’m happy being in my small hometown. I’m definitely enjoying the time here, despite the COVID crisis, but I’m in a safe place. Our town itself is still not affected by infections, concering the county, there are about 30 people, who I hope will get well soon!

I’ve started to refurbish the house (which my husband had begun with before he became ill and died) and it can be fun sometimes.

But this post was actually about Punk – to me, this is one of the most stunning colours I’ve seen by A England. Holographic green (and we are speaking of bright green) with golden and green holo glitter.


I told you so – it’s amazing. Two coats applied.






Managed to take a photo outside (this was still in Hamburg).



punk m

Stay safe!

[Dior] Happy 2020 Glitter Top Coat (#001)

New year, new postings – so far for the plans. I saved the glitter top coat of Dior’s Happy 2020 Christmas collection for New Year, so here it is. It’s a transparent pink base with lots of multicoloured glitter. At first glance, there are golden, turquoise, blue and pink glitter bits.

happy2020 001

One coat of the (nameless) top coat over Chanel Pure Black.

happy2020 001 1

happy2020 001 2

happy2020 001 3

happy2020 001 4


happy2020 001 m

This manicure was amazing, not only for the combination of colourful glitter over black but it lasted for three days without any chipping or tipwear. And I would still have it on my nails, wasn’t it for a change of colour matching tomorrow’s outfit. We’ll be going back to Hamburg then. Not really looking forward to it because I enjoyed the peaceful and quiet rural environment.

[China Glaze] Resting Grinch Face

This came out last year for Christmas, and I haven’t been wearing it until my birthday (which was in November) because the bottle of my traditional nail varnish, Happy Birthday, was finally used, except for some thick glitter stuff at the bottle … In spite of all the tragic and hardships of the past months, I still wanted something cheerful on my nails. So it was multicolour glitter in a sheer base.

resting grinch face

Two coats shown below. I still think the Grinch collection is so pretty!

resting grinch face1

resting grinch face2

resting grinch face3

resting grinch face4

Close-up. New birthday polish found.

resting grinch face m

[Dior] Coraloha (#567)

I check the Dior website regularly, for new releases and inspiration. Hence I found Coraloha, a semi-sheer coral base with golden and coral glitter particles. I don’t know the collection it belongs to – any suggestions welcome -, I just ordered it because I noticed that I needed it for my stash, and I don’t know whether it’s meant to be used as a topper either.


Since it’s really sheer, this is three coats, still with visible nail line.

coraloha567 1

coraloha567 2

coraloha567 3

coraloha567 4

But the colour is pretty and the glitter makes it somehow special. Here it is outside under natural light.

coraloha567 5


coraloha567 m

[China Glaze] Grinchworthy

Finally, this year is about to come to an end. I’m so looking forward to 2019; there’s nothing I am going to miss regarding 2018. Tomorrow will be my last swim of the year. Since my mother died, I spend lots of time in the swimming pool, refining my strokes and loving it. I’ll also get some chocolate-filled and piggy-shaped doughnuts afterwards, which are sold at the local bakery, and they look so tasty.

Probably the last post for this year is Grinchworthy. I haven’t brought any new (i.e. not yet tried) colours here, but the rest of the Grinch collection, as well as two Diors I had bought just before the loss of my mother (I unpacked them only recently) are waiting in Hamburg. As for Grinchworthy, expect a green base, which is packed with golden and green glitter.


See for yourself – two coats shown below.







grinchworthy m

Since I won’t be posting tomorrow, to bring this year to an end: Thank you so much for following, stopping by and reading my posts. It means a lot to me and I hope to welcome you again next year. Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, and may all you wish for, and our resolutions, come true in 2019.

[China Glaze] Ho! Ho! No.

I sat the new Grinch animated film today, and had such a wonderful time. The film is so sweet. After two days in Hamburg, we’ll be going to my mother’s place (I still call it like that, it’s still her house, although she spent her last four years in the nursing home), until the beginning of January.

A colour which is totally Christmas is Ho! Ho! No. It’s classic red with small golden glitter particles.

Ho Ho No

Here’s two coats, and the location is before Alsterschwimmhalle swimming bath in Hamburg, my favourite place in town (apart from cinemas). So, this photo was taken after a swim.

ho ho no6

To me, the finish seems “naturally gritty”, i. e. I think Ho! Ho! No. is meant to be a sand polish. This is how I preferred it, without top coat.

ho ho no1

ho ho no2

ho ho no3

ho ho no4

Here it is smoothed out with top coat, making it look more like a regular red nail colour with a tad of sparkle.

ho ho no5 top coat

Close-up photo.

ho ho no mjpg

ho ho no5a

Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy the Holidays, be happy and spend as much time together as possible. Life’s so precious.

[China Glaze] Merry Whatever.

I totally fell for China Glaze’s Grinch Collection for Christmas, lots of sparkles, holographic glitter and really Grinch-related names. This is Merry Whatever – gold with holographic and golden glitter.

merry whatever

Two coats applied. Looks like tinsel on my nails. 😉

merry whatever1

merry whatever2

merry whatever3

merry whatever4

Daylight, which brings out the yellow proportion of the golden base.

merry whatever5

merry whatever6

Outside. You’ll notice that the glitter is really dense. Nevertheless, removing this was no pain.

merry whatever7


merry whatever m

merry whatever8

[Dior] Lucky Star (#001)

First things first: Happy Halloween!


But apart from this, I also have a nail polish to show or, to be more precise, a top coat. Lucky Star contains glitter of various shapes (bars, round glitter and even stars, in gold and silver) and sizes in a transparent base.

lucky star001

Here it is dabbed over my Audace manicure, and I only applied it to the bottom part of my nails.

luckystar001 1

luckystar001 2

luckystar001 3

luckystar001 4

Close-up (otherwise it would be hard to identify the glitter, I guess).

luckystar001 m

As for the little Halloween scenery, it might get even scarier. 😉 No nail colours but tons of treats in the bag!


[Dior] Dior Glitz [#538]

I haven’t shown a Dior colour for quite a while. So here is one of my latest additions, which is currently available, Dior Glitz.It’s orange with a bit of coral and lots of glassflecks, particularly golden and orange ones.

dior glitz538

Two coats (very opaque formula) and direct sunlight.

diorglitz538 1

diorglitz538 2

diorglitz538 3

diorglitz538 4

Artificial light.

diorglitz538 5

diorglitz538 6

diorglitz538 7

Close-up photo.

diorglitz538 m

[A England] Anne of Cleves

I actually have the next Tudoresque nail varnish to present, Anne of Cleves. This is a very feminine colour, light pink with golden glitter. Scattered holographic effect.

anne of cleves

Application was two coats. I messed a bit with the index, which is not the nail polish but the top coat. Anne of Cleves, too, is opaque with one coat.

anne of cleves1

anne of cleves2

anne of cleves3

anne of cleves4

Daylight (but cloudy).

anne of cleves5

anne of cleves6

anne of cleves7

Close-up photos.

anne of cleves m1

anne of cleves m2