[Chanel] Fiction (#582)

Dark (Christmas tree 😉 ) green, which really makes me looking forward to the season.


fiction582 1

Two coats shown below.

fiction582 2

fiction582 3

fiction582 4

fiction582 5

I went out yesterday to do some Christmas shopping, enjoying the festive decoration everywhere. This is at Levantehaus in Hamburg.


In the end, I bought some funny Christmas jumpers. 😉 Of course my favourite one of these is the one on the right: It’s a skating bear with nerd glasses. 🐻



[ManGlaze] Nawsome Sauce

Hello! I’ve stayed in Hamburg over the weekend but took some time off the Internet and the more I have to catch up with now when it comes to work and organising stuff. Nevertheless I had a wonderful weekend.

Here is another green, an older one: Nawsome Sauce by ManGlaze.

nawsome sauce

Two coats shown below without top coat. And, yes, even though it looks glossy, it’s actually matte (but with shimmer).





Close-up picture.

nawsomesauce m

[Chanel] Vert No. 31 (#823)

One of my latest Chanel nail varnishes is Vert No. 31. Dark green. I purchased this at the Chanel Beauty Boutique in Hamburg and it’s really brand new. I can never get enough of greens and will of course show you the other green-themed two colours of this collection soon.

vert no31

Two coats applied.

vert no31 823 1

vert no31 823 2

vert no31 823 3

vert no31 823 4

Natural light.

vert no31 823 5

vert no31 823 6

[Essence] Chrome Paradise

My daughter put this on her nails yesterday (she’s doing her nails on her own now 🙂 ) and I thought I could post this – with my own nails. Chrome Paradise combines dark green, grey/silver and purple shades with an iridescent shimmer finish. Quite complex and pretty.

chrome paradise_zpsktzaw6v6

Two coats applied.

chrome paradise1_zpsw9biiyvl

chrome paradise2_zpsvdxkwend

chrome paradise3_zpsh3yzs47u

chrome paradise4_zpsdibcpywn

Close-up photo.

chrome paradise m_zpskxe9cl2n

[Chanel] Vert Obscur (679)

There we go again; I had quite a few things to do and to prepare (and still haven’t carved the pumpkin for tomorrow, to put outside my mother’s place), but finally, here is Vert Obscur. This is a dark green, slightly blackened and with a jelly-ish formula.

Vert Obscur

Two coats applied. With one coat, Vert Obscur is rather patchy and sheer, while after a second coat, it also becomes very dark (but the green still being noticeable).

Vert Obscur

Vert Obscur

Vert Obscur

Vert Obscur

Vert Obscur

Vert Obscur

I like this colour very much! Moreover, I got the impression that Vert Obscur is similar to Orly Le Chateau. I wiped them both on a tissue, and their colour and finish turned out to be pretty close.

[Dior] Métropolis (701)

Fantasy Filmfest starts tomorrow (at least in Hamburg) and I was happy that I could pick the latest Dior nail varnishes yesterday – because it would have been difficult otherwise, since I am going to spend lots of time at Savoy movie theatre. This is the most exciting time of the year! 🙂

As for Métropolis, I guess it’s my favourite of the Dior autumn polishes. I instantly fell for this dark muted green, containing a proportion of grey.


Application was two coats. Unfortunately, cloudy skies again and lots of rain. Can’t really imagine that the weather is said to be getting better towards the weekend but I hope for sunshine!

metropolis701 1_zpsklv0q8st

metropolis701 2_zpswpneiibn

metropolis701 3_zpshwjqicsv

metropolis701 4_zpsx7tu6wta

Indoors picture.

metropolis701 5_zpsugebwtcr