[Chanel] Vert Obscur (679)

There we go again; I had quite a few things to do and to prepare (and still haven’t carved the pumpkin for tomorrow, to put outside my mother’s place), but finally, here is Vert Obscur. This is a dark green, slightly blackened and with a jelly-ish formula.

Vert Obscur

Two coats applied. With one coat, Vert Obscur is rather patchy and sheer, while after a second coat, it also becomes very dark (but the green still being noticeable).

Vert Obscur

Vert Obscur

Vert Obscur

Vert Obscur

Vert Obscur

Vert Obscur

I like this colour very much! Moreover, I got the impression that Vert Obscur is similar to Orly Le Chateau. I wiped them both on a tissue, and their colour and finish turned out to be pretty close.


2 thoughts on “[Chanel] Vert Obscur (679)

  1. I love these colors, they have such personality. Im going to try to attaxh a oic i did for my Halloween deco I ant seem to add here but ill send a separate photo. I think you and your mom will like

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