[China Glaze] Fresh Prince-ss

Japan Filmfest Hamburg is approaching, only two days to go, and for the first time (mainly due to my general admission ticket), I’ll be joining the opening night with “Innocent Blood”. Really looking forward! 🙂

As for further preparation (actually just for fun), I have planned to finally visit Sakura manga shop tomorrow – let’s see what they have got. To be honest, it’s more my daughter who wanted to go there (I’m more of a film buff).

But let’s skip this and have a look at today’s nail varnish, which is Fresh Prince-ss. Baby pink, a bit like sakura maybe. 😉

fresh prince-ss_zpsqygj9iaq

Shown below is two coats. Flawless China Glaze quality as always.

fresh prince-ss1_zpssc4pghps

fresh prince-ss2_zpsu9tijpsi

fresh prince-ss3_zpsi06fhm3g

fresh prince-ss5_zpsmcyzmoek

[China Glaze] Teen Spirit

One of my favourite China Glazes; I’ve been wearing Teen Spirit quite a lot during the past weeks. Just love this blackened purple with blue and purple shimmer (due to small flakies).

teen spirit_zpsde6wlcz1

Two coats shown below. So pretty – hence lots of pictures. Photos taken in my mother’s garden. 😉

teen spirit n1_zpssyd3euda

teen spirit n2_zpssyd4pjxs//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

teen spirit n3_zpsszz5bb6n

teen spirit n4_zpsmogfvtha

teen spirit n5_zpsblq0jpml

teen spirit n6_zpshsembi7k

Close-up view.

teen spirit m_zpszq0ireor

[China Glaze] Blue-Ya

Blue-Ya surprised me. It’s got a blue jelly-ish base containing blue and green glitter bits. And of course I thought it would be rather sheer – but it isn’t. It turned out to be almost opaque after the first coat. And the shimmer … Stunning!


Two coats applied. Artificial light (bringing out the blue glassflecks).


In daylight, hints of green are clearly visible. Most of the time, however, Blue-Ya presents its blue side.







Close-up view.

blue-ya m_zpsasw8itbu

[China Glaze] Don’t Mesh With Me

Don’t Mesh With Me. In the first place: Cool name. It’s mainly glitter, lilac bits in a slightly blue-tinted base. Thus the effect is a bit iridescent.

dont mesh with me_zpsdfcwxgzp

However, Don’t Mesh With Me needed three coats to look opaque. It would be great for layering – will probably try this too, because overall, I like this colour.

dont mesh with me1_zpstvru9v4g

dont mesh with me2_zps6uhbtptc

Outdoors; we were on the way to “Japan Xmas”, a first-time Japanese Christmas market. They had so much Japanese stuff, everything ranging from sweets to DVDs, cute plushies, cosplay stuff (many people wore their cosplay outfits, there was even a competition), tons of food … which was popular, so very long queues. I would have loved a BEnto box or Japanese Crêpes, but no chance to get through. Thus we had mashed potato in a nearby deli, haha!

dont mesh with me4_zpsy2dnezss

Close-up view.

dont mesh with me m_zpsyjxttkzj

dont mesh with me5_zps1ns0dpao

[China Glaze] Y’all Red-y For This?

I’m posting tons of China Glaze these days. 😉 Still trying the Rebel Collection, so thank you for stopping by. Y’all Red-y For This is a cherry red shade containg small glassflecks. At first, I thought it was similar to Ruby Pumps (which is beautiful too), but Y’all Red-y … is a bit lighter and less jelly-like.

y all red-y for this_zpsrz4iszq0

This is two coats – first two pictures taken under artificial light.

y all red-y for this1_zpsghb2cur8

y all red-y for this2_zpsi9eyo9mc

Daylight. Although Y’all Red-y … was released for autumn, it would surely make a pretty Christmas mani.

y all red-y for this3_zps3dksivvj

y all red-y for this5_zps6tzgbpme


Close-up view.

y all red-y for this m_zps7fqoablj

[China Glaze] Pearl Jammin’

I was eager to try Pearl Jammin’, which seems to be unique in my stash. It’s dove grey (or blue-grey) with golden shimmer, the shimmer also being slightly iridescent.

pearl jammin_zpspyyyr6wo

As for the formula, I wasn’t sure, since I had read that Pearl Jammin’ is a bit on the sheer side. But I was happy with two coats.

pearl jammin1_zpsp6my4fwe

pearl jammin2_zpsagiu1zlw

Artificial light.

pearl jammin3_zps1vjoim8a

Macro photo.

pearl jammin m_zpsaetfbgvc

[China Glaze] Purple Fiction

A real stunner; I have not tried all of the “Rebel” collection colours so far but Purple Fiction is a favourite, that’s for sure. Purple with metallic shimmer; it got me instantly. Beautiful in the bottle and amazing on the nails, especially in direct light.

purple fiction_zpsr4betmo3

Two coats shown below. Artificial light.

purple fiction1_zpsdxdswx6j

Purple Fiction exposed to direct light – I wish the sun had come out.

purple fiction2_zps5mresvo9

purple fiction3_zpskpw87dkt

purple fiction4_zpshkr6dld6

Macro photo.

purple fictionm_zpsyrhwbt17

purple fiction5_zpsa5dc44by