[China Glaze] Y’all Red-y For This?

I’m posting tons of China Glaze these days. 😉 Still trying the Rebel Collection, so thank you for stopping by. Y’all Red-y For This is a cherry red shade containg small glassflecks. At first, I thought it was similar to Ruby Pumps (which is beautiful too), but Y’all Red-y … is a bit lighter and less jelly-like.

y all red-y for this_zpsrz4iszq0

This is two coats – first two pictures taken under artificial light.

y all red-y for this1_zpsghb2cur8

y all red-y for this2_zpsi9eyo9mc

Daylight. Although Y’all Red-y … was released for autumn, it would surely make a pretty Christmas mani.

y all red-y for this3_zps3dksivvj

y all red-y for this5_zps6tzgbpme


Close-up view.

y all red-y for this m_zps7fqoablj


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