Dior Summer Look and Find Me On Instagram

As for recent news, I’ve just managed linking my Instagram account: japanetteably. (I’ve had this for a while but never realised that I could mention it here.) The widget can also be found in the sidebar when clicking a post. However, I’m only publishing nail stuff from time to time and mostly random stuff, especially photos of my Bears :bear:, swimming, stuffing myself after swimming, film festivals … Feel free to check them out and follow me.

Having just mentioned films, Japan Filmfest starts on Wednesday. Thus I will be busy until Sunday and there won’t probably be any new posts in the blog. Since I came home today with the Dior Wild Earth nail colous for summer, here they are:


I won’t be trying them before next week and might start with Orange Sienna.


Thank You!

Yesterday OPI linked my Spookettes post via their Facebook page.


I had no clue but was wondering about the rising visitor stats. 😯 That was quite an increase, wasn’t it? :mrgreen:


Looking up my stats, at first I thought it might have to do with my Reformation Day bashing at the end of the Spookettes post… glad that this didn’t apply when I discovered the actual reason. So thanks for stopping by!

In the Facebook comments, one person quoted my saying the Spookettes collection ‘colours aren’t that spectacular’. I did not mean it in the negative sense and it was neither expressed negatively, since the sentence following this statement says: ‘Nothing new, but typical Halloween shades, so it’s fine.’ Hope it’s clear now: orange, black and white are classic Halloween colours – and moreover, I emphasised that Zom-body to Love was truly unique.

New layout and some stupid rambling

Finally, it’s done – I wanted something lighter and brighter. I’m probably the most short-sighted person you may know, and font sizes got smaller with the archived posts – at least I should be able to read my own posts! :mrgreen: Links, too, have become more visible, so that you will notice them at first sight. I am also publishing under my usual internet alias now – metamorphosesblog, or, when using my Google account, metamorphoses -, since this is the ID I use when commenting on other blogs.

I got these two beauties today. 🙂 Chanel Marilyn and Zoya Charla.


Why Charla?! My name’s still Carla… Loved the packaging, such a big box for a small polish. 😉


By the way, German magazine “InStyle Beauty” proclaims: turquoise and blue polishes are for women under the age of 25 only! For those of you who read German, here is the link. Which basically means that I would have to dump Charla, as well as all other blue and turquoise polishes (glad that they did not mention teal…). 😡

Here is the complete article about this summer’s hottest nail polishes. Latest innovation, according to InStyle Beauty, is Crack polish (I thought Crack was a drug, so are the planning to legalise drug intake?)…

So much for today’s nonsense – one more random pic for you: part of yesterday’s birthday dinner. Sushi and mango salad with beef. 🙂


Well, yes, some new swatches

Weather’s been nice (but cold) today. My nails are a bit (just a tiny bit) longer these days because I have a make-up session tomorrow. Yannick Lemaire from Chanel will be here and my boyfriend seized the opportunity and surprised me with a voucher. 🙂 This is my actual Easter present and I am so looking forward to it! And I’m pretty exited too; I broke one nail today and my current mani got a bit bumpy… Chanel Gondola, which Yannick will hopefully recognise!

To cut a long story short, I also did some swatches today and here we go:
GOSH – Gasoline
ManGlaze – Fuggen Ugly, Mayonnaise and Fuck Off & Dye
Dior – Aztec Chocolate (Violet Nouveau Monde)


Just four more hits to reach 1,000, with essence being the most popular category.

As you see, this blog is still in the making… I hope that I’ll be able to do some more swatches as soon as the weekend has approached, depending on the sunlight. sun We expect up to 25 degrees Celsius, which would mean the perfect balcony weather.

Hello World!

Caramel frappé (which is still the URL of this blog) has had many faces, from being the database for my PhD research, an experimental layout blog to a photo blog for family and friends. Now it is determined to serve as a crazy collector’s blog, presenting my nail polish addiction (and maybe later also my handbags and GOSH eyeshadows). It is linked to orange and yellow, therefore the renaming to “The Orange/Yellow Collections”. I was actually looking for something creative, like a wordplay, but “The Nail Files” or “Polish Progress” were no longer available, and I did not want to breach a copyright. Anyway, the title now emphasises the close connection to the o/y blog. 🙂