[OPI] Spookettes (Halloween Minis 2011)

I love OPI mini sets – their tiny bottles are so cute! This is the Halloween set 2001, Spookettes, consisting of He’s My Boo, Mummy Knows Best, I Only Date Werewolves and Zom-body to Love. A sheet with nail decals comes with that, too, but haven’t tried them yet.


Except for Zom-body to Love, which glows in the dark, the colours aren’t that spectacular. Nothing new, but typical Halloween shades, so it’s fine.

He’s My Boo – orange crème.


Mummy Knows Best – the white version of He’s My Boo, thus white crème.



Zom-body to Love over I Only Date Werewolves (which is a black crème, thus no individual swatch of this… actually, I forgot to take a photo 🙄 ).



Zom-body to Love is certainly the star of the collection. As mentioned above, it glows in the dark. But in daylight too, it looks beautiful. It’s not opaque though, I used four coats for this.


I couldn’t take a better photo – this is Zom-body to Love in the dark. :mrgreen: Awesome! It’s so funny!


I love Halloween. Sadly, it isn’t that popular in Germany, I guess. They have got Reformation Day on the same day – but I prefer Halloween, since Reformation Day is quite solemn, while Halloween is just fun. Last year (and the years before) we celebrated All Hallow’s Eve in England, which was great. My little one went with her friends for Trick ‘r Treat… people were so sweet; if someone wasn’t at home, they had left a bucket full of sweets outside so that the children could help themselves. Later in the evening there usually was a party in the common room of our student accommodation. I don’t know how it is going to be this year but maybe we will spend Halloween in Durham again and visit our friends. 🙂

4 thoughts on “[OPI] Spookettes (Halloween Minis 2011)

  1. Daaaaaaaanke :))))
    Ja,das stimmt,ist das nicht ein Traum?! Ich bin so froh und so dankbar!
    Ich Sammle die Chanel Nagellacke erst seit Mai so richtig und die Blauen sind einfach ein Traum 🙂 Ich habe sogar schone bei ebay gesehen ob man die dort kaufen kann,aber die Preise sind nicht normal…
    Liebste Grüße & einen schönen Freitag noch 🙂
    Ich kann dich nicht verfolgen,aber ich habe dich in meine Blog-Liste :)))


  2. I know it’s extra work, but I used Green-Witch Village under Zom-body to love to make it GREEN. Two coats of each (thin) topped off with black shatter. I called them my ‘zombie’ nails. Got lots of compliments! The shatter helped the glow-in-the-dark effect look spooky!


    • That’s a great idea, thanks for sharing it! Green-Witch Village is a brilliant shade; I knew that I needed it… never thought of combining it with Zom-body to love, so thanks again, Mel.


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