[Chanel] Ultrasonic

Orange neon. This is incredibly flashy and so far my favourite of the Neon Waves.


Three thin coats over white, no top coat (but hand cream on the next day, thus the normally semi-matte finish seems a bit glossy).




So bright! Too this photo with Arthur Bear while chasing Pokémon and fighting at a Pokégym in Kellinghusenpark.


Artificial light.


Indirect natural light.



[Chanel] Fantastic (Neon Wave)

Monday marked the day of my first visit to Chanel Beauty Boutique at Mönckebergstraße, Hamburg’s major shopping areas. The boutique opened a year ago and I had not managed going there, since I usually purchase my nail varnishes at Alsterhaus or online. But regarding the Neon Wave collection, I felt I had to get them at the Boutique, not wanting to wait for any delivery (they are boutique-exclusive). Which I did not regret of course. The shop assistants were lovely and the boutique is beautiful. So Chanel, so handy when you live in Hamburg.

As a fan of greens, I will show you Fantastic first.


All of the Neon Wave colours are flashy, but it’s hard to capture their brightness when taking photos. This might give you an idea.


Shown below is three coats of Fantastic – with top coat, the finish is normally semi-matte, and I realised that I actually prefer wearing these without top coat (which you will see with the blue one, Electric, in a different post). What is more, for the next manicure I tried white base, to bringt out the neon effect.


Nevertheless Fantastic stands out against the grey clouds.





[China Glaze] Flirty Tankini

I’m trying to get an overview regarding my China Glaze stash. Like this brand so much. So I recognised Flirty Tankini and that I hadn’t shown this yet. Here it comes, neon coral (with a hint of pink).

flirty tankini

flirty tankini0

Artificial light and the normal finish, which is semi-matte.

flirty tankini1

flirty tankini2

flirty tankini4

Here it is with a layer of top coat, which doesn’t really make a difference in the photos, I guess.

flirty tankini5

flirty tankini6

Close-up view.

flirty tankini m

[China Glaze] Love’s A Beach

Love’s A Beach is actually a stunner – bright neon pink (with a notable proportion of fuchsia) with shimmer finish.

Love's A Beach

Unfortunately, the sun was hiding … Just imagine a brilliantly shining shade. Two coats applied, as well as top coat, otherwise the finish is satin-y.

Love's A Beach

Love's A Beach

Photos taken outside. I will for sure apply Love’s A Beach again sometime soon and really regret that I had been waiting for so long to try it.

Love's A Beach

Love's A Beach

Close-up view.

Love's A Beach

[China Glaze] Point Me to the Party

Happy New Year everybody! Hope that you all had a great time celebrating New Year’s Eve and that 2016 will be just brilliant.

My manicure to welcome 2016 was Point Me to the Party. This is a glitter topper in a transparent base, and the glitter comes in various shapes, sizes and colours, i. e. neon pink, yellow, green, orange and blue.

Point Me to the Party

Here is Point Me to the Party layered over two coats of Dior Bar.

Point Me to the Party

Point Me to the Party

Point Me to the Party

Direct sunlight.

Point Me to the Party

Close-up picture.

Point Me to the Party

[China Glaze] Plur-ple

Plur-ple is a neon purple, but it is really hard to capture its true colour.


The formula is a bit runny but builds up opacity with two coats. I also used a white base (and a topcoat). Plur-ple is actually much more brighter and more purple than shown below.