[ManGlaze] Nawsome Sauce

Hello! I’ve stayed in Hamburg over the weekend but took some time off the Internet and the more I have to catch up with now when it comes to work and organising stuff. Nevertheless I had a wonderful weekend.

Here is another green, an older one: Nawsome Sauce by ManGlaze.

nawsome sauce

Two coats shown below without top coat. And, yes, even though it looks glossy, it’s actually matte (but with shimmer).





Close-up picture.

nawsomesauce m

Matte Is Murder

Last matte nail colour I am showing for the time being – you have my word. 😉 I’ve posted Matte is Murder before, back in 2011, and wore it again during Fantasy Filmfest. Because black and horror movies are a good match, and matte black with glitter is even better. Two coats applied, no top coat.

matte is murder1

matte is murder2

matte is murder3

Natural light.

matte is murder4

Close-up picture.

matte is murder m

[ManGlaze] Santorum

Gosh, the name! :mrgreen: Check out Wikepedia or some urban dictionary, if you haven’t heard of “santorum” before, it only sounds like a monastic order 🙄 … As for this nail varnish, the colour is dark brown with shimmer, due to silver microglitter. Super matte finish too.


Application was two coats. Artificial light:



Natural light on the next day; I had applied hand cream and did some household chores, that’s why the finish looks more glossy in these pics.




Close-up photos.

santorum m1_zpstliqnyab santorum m2_zpsvkiyjkle

Again, Royal Matterimoaning

Mani for the weekend (Fantasy Filmfest Nights) is ManGlaze’s Royal Matterimoaning.



Traditionally, I stick to ManGlaze varnishes when enjoying the Fantasy Filmfest; they do the best mattes ever, and I need something that will last until Monday, even Tuesday, because I won’t have any time to switch to a different shade. After a couple of days, ManGlaze still looks great. 🙂 I might be polishing this up with a shiny top coat on Monday or so… or probably not, since I like the finish very much.

[Tony Moly] Neptune (GT04)

I couldn’t decide on which mani to post next and when I actually remembered Sparkle-icious it seemed that it had escaped from my hard drive… so anyway, here is Neptune (or GT04) by Tony Moly, a Korean brand, which is obviously gaining popularity outside Asia too. No wonder, for they do amazing glitters!


The glitter in this is pretty dense and opacity was achieved after two coats. However, Neptune likes to eat top coat… (here: Essie Good to Go).



I wanted to try a different look and mattified it, using ManGlaze’s Matte-astrophe. Really liked the new appearance (Matte-astrophe did not crackle this time).



[ManGlaze] Fuck Off & Dye

Here’s another mani of this, a proper one (since this polish deserves it), compared to the quick swatch of April. And with longer nails, although I trimmed them a bit.

fuck-off-and-dye foad

Fuck Off & Dye (again, this is the actual name) is a matte pink with an amazing hidden shimmer. It’s gorgeous; ManGlaze does the best mattes! Love the bottle shape and design too. Sorry for the lighting, it was getting cloudy.



According to ManGlaze, this needs a base coat, in order to avoid stains on the nail bed. I used their Matte-astrophe (which is actually a top coat, but it did a good job!). 🙂

ManGlaze Royal Matterimoaning, Mayonnaise and OPI Red Shatter

This turned out to be a Union Jack mani (or Stars & Stripes). 😉 It’s an older pic from about July when my nails were still shorter.


Initially, I wanted to try Red Shatter over Mayonnaise, since I thought it might be another sick idea for Halloween, like blood stains over… a shroud or whatever cloth. (I definitely watch too many horror movies!) But then I remembered Royal Matterimoaning and combined all three. Nevertheless, Red Shatter and Mayonnaise look great together.


By the way, ManGlaze have launched their new FAIL collection, six shades to die for; check out their Facebook page. Wish they would resume international shipping again because I need them all!

[ManGlaze] Matte-astrophe, Royal Matterimoaning, Hot Mess and Matte is Murder

My second ManGlaze order got stuck with the customs – but finally arrived safe and sound (well, they had opened it and put a little note inside, but apart from that, everything was immaculate) today. Since I could not resist their unique matte polishes, I had placed another order right after having received the first little package. You’ll find the other swatches here.

Anyway, it wasn’t that bad with the customs; fees were low with €7.85 (i.e. €8.00 because the postman did not have any change), and the ManGlaze stuff is worth every cent!

Matte-astrophe, a matte top coat. This is said to create a crackle effect with some polishes, so it’s not the usual matte topper but something really special.


I tried it over Eyeko Vintage, only because this was the first polish I could grab from my Untried Box. And – it CRACKLED, yay! 🙂 Exactly what I had been hoping for.


How gorgeous is this stuff?!


Next came Royal Matterimoaning, a dark royal blue.

One coat. I did an accent nail with a shiny top coat.



Hot Mess is described as a “bling matte top coat”.


It’s wonderful on its own, so here it is with two coats.


Matte is Murder is their classic black shade. I got the bottle with Jason Atomic’s Suicide Girl (there is a second design, Jason’s Severed Hand).


I bumped the little finger…


I love this brand!

Well, yes, some new swatches

Weather’s been nice (but cold) today. My nails are a bit (just a tiny bit) longer these days because I have a make-up session tomorrow. Yannick Lemaire from Chanel will be here and my boyfriend seized the opportunity and surprised me with a voucher. 🙂 This is my actual Easter present and I am so looking forward to it! And I’m pretty exited too; I broke one nail today and my current mani got a bit bumpy… Chanel Gondola, which Yannick will hopefully recognise!

To cut a long story short, I also did some swatches today and here we go:
GOSH – Gasoline
ManGlaze – Fuggen Ugly, Mayonnaise and Fuck Off & Dye
Dior – Aztec Chocolate (Violet Nouveau Monde)