[ManGlaze] Matte-astrophe, Royal Matterimoaning, Hot Mess and Matte is Murder

My second ManGlaze order got stuck with the customs – but finally arrived safe and sound (well, they had opened it and put a little note inside, but apart from that, everything was immaculate) today. Since I could not resist their unique matte polishes, I had placed another order right after having received the first little package. You’ll find the other swatches here.

Anyway, it wasn’t that bad with the customs; fees were low with €7.85 (i.e. €8.00 because the postman did not have any change), and the ManGlaze stuff is worth every cent!

Matte-astrophe, a matte top coat. This is said to create a crackle effect with some polishes, so it’s not the usual matte topper but something really special.


I tried it over Eyeko Vintage, only because this was the first polish I could grab from my Untried Box. And – it CRACKLED, yay! 🙂 Exactly what I had been hoping for.


How gorgeous is this stuff?!


Next came Royal Matterimoaning, a dark royal blue.

One coat. I did an accent nail with a shiny top coat.



Hot Mess is described as a “bling matte top coat”.


It’s wonderful on its own, so here it is with two coats.


Matte is Murder is their classic black shade. I got the bottle with Jason Atomic’s Suicide Girl (there is a second design, Jason’s Severed Hand).


I bumped the little finger…


I love this brand!

3 thoughts on “[ManGlaze] Matte-astrophe, Royal Matterimoaning, Hot Mess and Matte is Murder

  1. That matte topcoat is really interesting! What a cool effect (on a lovely base color, to boot!). The more that I see of ManGlaze, the fonder of it I get. Thank you for sharing!


    • Thanks – and glad you like it.
      I applied Matte-Astrophe whilst the base (Eyeko Vintage) had not dried yet, and it took the top coat some time to crackle. 🙂


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