[ManGlaze] Fuck Off & Dye

Here’s another mani of this, a proper one (since this polish deserves it), compared to the quick swatch of April. And with longer nails, although I trimmed them a bit.

fuck-off-and-dye foad

Fuck Off & Dye (again, this is the actual name) is a matte pink with an amazing hidden shimmer. It’s gorgeous; ManGlaze does the best mattes! Love the bottle shape and design too. Sorry for the lighting, it was getting cloudy.



According to ManGlaze, this needs a base coat, in order to avoid stains on the nail bed. I used their Matte-astrophe (which is actually a top coat, but it did a good job!). 🙂


2 thoughts on “[ManGlaze] Fuck Off & Dye

  1. dieses finish in matt mag ich momentan sehr!

    den lackhersteller kenne ich allerdings gar nicht,
    obwohl mich dieses “graffiti”- etikett schmunzeln läßt. 😉


  2. Oh, die haben so wunderschöne (ausschließlich matte) Lacke und pflegen ihr Independent-Image. 🙂 Die anderen Etiketten sind genauso schräg:

    Leider verschicken sie vorläufig nicht ins Ausland… ich hatte Glück, meine Lacke bereits im Frühjahr erstanden zu haben.


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