Glitter by Claire’s over Dior Optic White

I found this glitter top coat by Claire’s in my stash (I don’t think it has a proper name, at least I could not find any), took it to my mother’s and layered it over Dior Optic White.


One coat of the glitter over two coats Optic White. No idea for how long I’ve had the Claire’s, five years at least I assume.

opticwhite clairesglitter1

IMG_84opticwhite clairesglitter219

opticwhite clairesglitter3

opticwhite clairesglitter4


opticwhite clairesglitter m

[OPI] Hopelessly in Love (+ glitter by Claire’s)

This one’s another older OPI, carrying the sweet name of Hopelessly in Love. It’s actually from the Soft Shades collection and – thus – a soft nude pink.


Photos were done when my nails were still longer, and I needed three coats to achieve opacity.



I’m pretty unsure about nude (and pink!) shades and decided to try a Claire’s glitter varnish on top (on the bottle, it says 42/11), containing pink/lilac hexagon glitter and blue microglitter in a sheer base.