[Chanel] Koala (#113)

Here we have Koala, which is a red brown hue. As for the release date, I have no clue, but I think this is a beautiful colour for autumn.


Application was two coats. Artificial light only … it’s this time of the year.

koala113 1

koala113 2

koala113 3

koala113 4


[Chanel] Scenario (#604)

A current favourite, with special regard to Christmas. I fancy reds and I fancy neons; Scenario combines both.


Two coats applied. The finish is actually matte but photos were taken with top coat.

scenario604 0

scenario604 1

scenario604 2

scenario604 3


scenario604 4

scenario604 5

On my way to the subway – here you can probably see how bright this is. 🙂

scenario604 6

scenario604 7

[Chanel] Vert No. 22 (#822)

Here’s finally Vert No. 22, a greyish green. At first sight, it might look boring but I think this is a very special colour because it matches every other shade.

vert no22

Two coats shown below.

vertno22 1

vertno22 2

vertno22 3

vertno22 4

vertno22 5


vert22 5

vert22 6

I showed this to Mother Toad – who wasn’t impressed at all and preferred to stay in her earth hole. 😉

vert22 0

[Chanel] Vert No. 19 (#821)

Vert No. 19 is a turquoise green.

vert no19

Mine has a quite unique brush, which is not attached to the screw cap … 🙄 :mrgreen:

vertno19 5

Nevertheless, I was able to use it (probable due to years of painting my nails, haha). 😉 Here’s two coats under artificial lights, no top coat.

vertno19 0

vertno19 1

vertno19 2

vertno19 4

These are the pictures of the actual mani I am wearing right now. My nails are a bit shorter now and I sealed the manicure with Chanel Le Gel Topcoat.

vert no19 821 n1

vert no19 821 n2

vert no19 821 n3

vert no19 821 n4

[Chanel] Vert No. 31 (#823)

One of my latest Chanel nail varnishes is Vert No. 31. Dark green. I purchased this at the Chanel Beauty Boutique in Hamburg and it’s really brand new. I can never get enough of greens and will of course show you the other green-themed two colours of this collection soon.

vert no31

Two coats applied.

vert no31 823 1

vert no31 823 2

vert no31 823 3

vert no31 823 4

Natural light.

vert no31 823 5

vert no31 823 6

[Chanel] Rouge Noir (#18) (2016 formula)

Happy Halloween! Hope you are having fun out there. I’m not doing anything special today; we were just watching a DVD (The Piano Forest, a Japanese Anime and not Halloween-themed) and gave out treats. 🙂 I thought Rouge Noir would fit All Hallows’ Eve – dark vampy red. This is the re-formulated version of 2016.

rouge noir18 2016

Application was two coats. Still one of my favourites.

rougenoir n18 1

rougenoir n18 2

rougenoir n18 3

rougenoir n18 4

rougenoir n18 5

Artificial light.

rougenoir n18 6

Here’s the previous version of Rouge Noir, and I also like Free Bear Hugs by China Glaze, which is similar, if you are not looking for Chanel.


[Chanel] Mica Rose (#495)

Hi there! I’m still suffering from a terrible cold (due to waiting on cold platforms for trains that were in the end cancelled …) but finally recovering. I wore Mica Rose for three days because I was too sick (and lazy) to remove it. 😉 This is a pale pink with silver shimmer.

mica rose

Three thin coats. I am sorry but I could only take photos with artificial lighting.

micarose495 1

micarose495 2

micarose495 3

micarose495 4

micarose495 5


micarose495 m