[Chanel] Bleu Trompeur (#624)

Bleu Trompeur; this is blue and kind of a crème-jelly hybrid, although opaque with two coats and having an amazing glossy finish.

bleu trompeur624

As said above, this is two coats.

bleutrompeur624 1

bleutrompeur624 2

bleutrompeur624 3

bleutrompeur624 4


[Chanel] Morocco (#37)

Well, hello! The past week was full of maths and I spent the weekend at my mothers and enjoyed “Frühjahrsmarkt” (kind of a fair), which was fun too. Although shops were open on Sunday and it was family day too, the small town in Lower Saxony wasn’t really crowded, nothing compared to Hamburg on a regular Saturday. :mrgreen: I am so happy that it’s finally spring – we had like 24 degrees celsius on Sunday – and so needed it for my mood. I’m definitely made for hot temperatures.

Which you would find in Morocco. The Chanel nail polish of the same name is brown with a silver shimmer, also containing hints of bronze. I don’t know how old it is, but it is certainly a vintage colour.


Application was two coats.

morocco37 1

morocco37 2

Artificial light.

morocco37 3

morocco37 4

morocco37 5

morocco37 6


morocco37 m1

[Chanel] Prune Dramatique (#628)

And another Chanel, Prune Dramatique. This is a plum shade.

prune dramatique628

With the weather still being to chilly for my taste, I’m more in the mood for bright colours or at least shades which remind of spring. Nevertheless Prune Dramatique is beautiful (but actually just another plum, cf. Amethyst for instance). Two coats applied.

prunedramatique628 0

prunedramatique628 1

prunedramatique628 2

prunedramatique628 3

prunedramatique628 4

Daylight pictures are scare and I took this one before swimming.

prunedramatique628 5

Correspondingly this was about two hours later after my swimming routine. A bit tip wear but I didn’t mind because I had worn Prune Dramatique for two days already.

prunedramatique628 6

[Chanel] Exquisite Pink (#626)

Here’s my current favourite, Exquisite Pink. The name is a bit deceiving because the colour is more red with a hint of raspberry. I don’t know what I love about this but I’ve applied it for the second time within a week and can’t get enough of this shade.


Two coats shown below. Notice the two plush bears in the background with Paralympics mascot Bandabi on the right and a valentine’s bear on the left. 🐻 🙂 I was either too lazy or not in the mood (or both) for putting them aside.

exquisitepink626 0

exquisitepink626 1

exquisitepink626 2

exquisitepink626 3

exquisitepink626 4

Artificial light.

exquisitepink626 5

exquisitepink626 6

[Chanel] Tendresse (#507)

I’m on my way to my mother’s and hopefully going swimming again tomorrow. So happy being in Lower Saxony again and enjoyng some time off. As for Tendresse, here we have a neutral pink with a very sheer base.


Three coats applied. Because of its sheer formula it would make a perfect base for French manicure.

tendresse507 1

tendresse507 2

tendresse507 3

Artificial light.

tendresse507 4

[Chanel] Coco Blue (#551)

Coco Blue is not new at all but this fresh light blue with its subtle shimmer goes so well with – spring (if it had already arrived). Thus it is still one of my favourite blue nal colours. This is the relaunch of Spring 2012 and I’ve shown the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out version of 2011 before: Coco Blue.

coco blue551

Two coats shown below.

cocoblue551 0

cocoblue551 1

cocoblue551 2

Artificial light.

cocoblue551 3

cocoblue551 4

cocoblue551 5

Close-up photo.

cocoblue m