Boris & Natasha (OPI) again

Here we have a beautiful OPI nail varnish I have posted before, Boris & Natasha. Plum with crème finish. I felt like applying this again recently.

boris et natasha

boris et natasha1

boris et natasha3

boris et natasha4

boris et natasha5


Ultra Violet (#687) again

It’s Ultra Violet – again, because I’ve learnt that ultra violet is the Pantone colour of the year, which brought me to remember this beautiful Dior nail polish. Wish the sky hadn’t been so cloudy when I was taking the photos.

ultra violet687 1

ultra violet687 2

ultra violet687 3

[A England] The Most Happy

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂 Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Christmastime and wishing you happy holidays from the bottom of my heart. I’m at my mother’s place and a bit tired although it was a nice trip because there weren’t many people travelling. I guess most people preferred to stay at home today, spending time with their beloved ones.

At Lower Saxony, we have no snow and I admit I like the mild wheather. Tomorrow we are going to watch a DVD, King Arthur – Legend of the Sword. 😉 The swimming bath is closed, so I’ll go there again on Boxing Day.

As for The Most Happy, I had this on my nails a couple of days ago. It’s bright purple with holographic glitter and a scattered holo finish.

the most happy

Shown below is to coats.

the most happy1

the most happy2

the most happy3

the most happy4

the most happy5

Close-up photo.

the most happy m

[Essence] Elfin Whispers

Elfin Whispers was a wonderful birthday present I got from my daughter last Sunday (hence on my actual birthday). It’s currently available at drugstores which have Essence cosmetics and I would have bought it anyway because I was curious when hearing about “melted chrome”. Elfin Whispers is purple and has a metallic finish.

elfin whispers

Application is good but you have to be quick; this can get stripy. Without topcoat the finish is more semi-matte or satin. Adding topcoat, the finish becomes glossy – but not shiny as in “mirror-like”. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty colour and formula. This is two coats, by the way.

elfin whispers1

elfin whispers2

elfin whispers3

elfin whispers4


elfin whispers5

Macro photo.

elfin whispers m

[Dior] Amethyst (#998)

I don’t know why but Amethyst puts me in the mood for Christmas. Maybe it’s the plum colour (in addition to the bauble-shaped bottle).


I had not been wearing plum or purple for a while and this is really beautiful. Two coats applied.

amethyst998 3

amethyst998 4

amethyst998 5

amethyst998 6

Artificial light.

amethyst998 1

amethyst998 2

[A England] Avalon

This is so beautiful! Although I am into the Arthurian legend, I had neglected Avalon for quite a while. That is, I didn’t even own it until last month. 😉 This amazing purple with pink and blue shimmer captured me instantly.


Two coats applied. It’s especially stunning when being looked at in direct sunlight.


Ignore the index finger – this was my second try because I somehow got a small dent shortly after the first application. So I removed the colour of the index and seemed to have forgotten to apply a second layer, which I only noticed when taking the photos. 😮




Artificial light. Here’s the small bump at the tip of the index, indicating that this was my first try … (I actually should have left it like this, I now know. But I am so perfectionist).



avalon m