[Zoya] Carly

Can you imagine it’s freezing out there again? On Friday (when we were still in Lower Saxony) it was even snowing but being in a nicely heated swimming bath watching the snow can be a bliss. 🙂 So I’m back to swimming again and it is great.

Here’s a foil; I’ve been storing Carly for ages and finally applied it. Even though I might associate foil finishes with winter, this was actually released as part of a summer collection. Purple base and the glitter comes in silver and red particles.



Two coats applied.




Some photos under natural light.



Close-up picture.



[Chanel] Violet Piquant (#622)

It’s still February and Chanel has already released so many beautiful nail colours. This one is Violet Piquant, which also contains a hint of indigo.

violet piquant622

Two coats shown below. On the nails, the finish is jelly-ish and glossy.

violetpiquant622 1

violetpiquant622 2

violetpiquant622 3


violetpiquant622 4

violetpiquant622 5

violetpiquant622 6

[A England] The Most Happy

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂 Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Christmastime and wishing you happy holidays from the bottom of my heart. I’m at my mother’s place and a bit tired although it was a nice trip because there weren’t many people travelling. I guess most people preferred to stay at home today, spending time with their beloved ones.

At Lower Saxony, we have no snow and I admit I like the mild wheather. Tomorrow we are going to watch a DVD, King Arthur – Legend of the Sword. 😉 The swimming bath is closed, so I’ll go there again on Boxing Day.

As for The Most Happy, I had this on my nails a couple of days ago. It’s bright purple with holographic glitter and a scattered holo finish.

the most happy

Shown below is to coats.

the most happy1

the most happy2

the most happy3

the most happy4

the most happy5

Close-up photo.

the most happy m

[Essence] Elfin Whispers

Elfin Whispers was a wonderful birthday present I got from my daughter last Sunday (hence on my actual birthday). It’s currently available at drugstores which have Essence cosmetics and I would have bought it anyway because I was curious when hearing about “melted chrome”. Elfin Whispers is purple and has a metallic finish.

elfin whispers

Application is good but you have to be quick; this can get stripy. Without topcoat the finish is more semi-matte or satin. Adding topcoat, the finish becomes glossy – but not shiny as in “mirror-like”. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty colour and formula. This is two coats, by the way.

elfin whispers1

elfin whispers2

elfin whispers3

elfin whispers4


elfin whispers5

Macro photo.

elfin whispers m