[A England] New Romantic

I have a bunch of colours I am planning to show you – but somehow my life is currently very busy, and I am happy that I can finally go swimming again.

New Romantic is a blue-ish purple with holographic finish.

new romantic

Two coats applied. You’ll notice both the blue and purple combined in this colour.







newromantic m

[Chanel] Mirage (#739)

It’s definitely been a while. Last week, I started my new job, which is again completely different from what I did before (i. e. working in a bookshop), since I’m a lecturer for maths now. Like, finally. 🙂 Moreover, I’m still doing the proofreading as a freelancer for the law school. Things have changed so fast; I’m still grieving and will always be, but I am glad that there is at least a bit of stability regarding work.

I also got the phone call from Alsterhaus for the latest Chanel nail colours, and here is Mirage – a beautiful muted mauve.


Two coats applied.

mirage739 0a

mirage739 0b

mirage739 0c

Artificial lighting.

mirage739 0

mirage739 1

mirage739 2

mirage739 3

mirage739 4

[Manhattan] Purple Poetry

Look what I found in my stash – in the meantime, Manhattan have changed their bottle design ages ago, and there are still nail varnishes in my collection I hadn’t applied yet. Purple Poetry has a purple base enriched with pink and blue glassflecks.


Two coats shown below under artificial lighting.



Close-up photo.


[Chanel] Purple Ray (#709)

Although I’ve worn Purple Ray a couple of times so far, I could not manage to take proper photos during daylight. So I’ll be showing you the ones taken under artificial lighting, but bringing out the colour, which is a muted lilac and purple.

purple ray709

Application was two coats.

purpleray709 0

purpleray709 1

purpleray709 2

purpleray709 3

purpleray709 4

Yes, this was actually taken outside but I had to flee from a far too cloudy sky.

purpleray709 5

[Essence] Holo Me Crazy

The bottle photo was taken when my mother was still among us, it’s the balcony of her former room at the nursing home. We had just come back from town and bought Holo Me Crazy. Silver purple with holographic glitter.

holo me crazy

Two coats shown below. The surface dries a bit gritty, so I applied to layers of top coat.

holo me crazy0

holo me crazy1

It’s probably hard to recognise but I took the following photos outside and after my swimming routine, so it’s Alsterschwimmhalle background.

holo me crazy2

holo me crazy3

holo me crazy4

holo me crazy5

Close-up photo.

holo me crazy m

[Dior] Diorcelestial (#891)

Well, another purple! 😉 Yesterday at Alsterhaus department store they stated that I seem to be into berry shades, so they’re probably right and that explains the many pinks and berries here … Today I’m presenting Diorcelestial, which is one of my latest additions. It’s got a purple base filled with glassflecks in pink, blue and silver.


And yes, the sparkles are visible on the nail. Two coats shown below. I like this colour so much that I got the matching lipstick. 🙂

diorcelestial891 1

diorcelestial891 2

diorcelestial891 3

diorcelestial891 4

Close-up photo.

diorcelestial891 m

[Essence] It Wasn’t Me

It Wasn’t Me is almost vintage because it was released in 2015, and it’s only recently that I finally applied this  purple glitter. It’s almost eggplant or at least a deep purple shade, which is packed with purple and blue glitter.

it wasnt me

The finish is gritty; here are two coats without top coat, for this sandy effect. In spite of all that glitter removal was easy.

it wasnt me1

it wasnt me2

it wasnt me3

it wasnt me4

it wasnt me5

Close-up photo.

it wasnt me m