[A England] Avalon

This is so beautiful! Although I am into the Arthurian legend, I had neglected Avalon for quite a while. That is, I didn’t even own it until last month. 😉 This amazing purple with pink and blue shimmer captured me instantly.


Two coats applied. It’s especially stunning when being looked at in direct sunlight.


Ignore the index finger – this was my second try because I somehow got a small dent shortly after the first application. So I removed the colour of the index and seemed to have forgotten to apply a second layer, which I only noticed when taking the photos. 😮




Artificial light. Here’s the small bump at the tip of the index, indicating that this was my first try … (I actually should have left it like this, I now know. But I am so perfectionist).



avalon m


[butter LONDON] Pitter Patter

I have neither worn nor shown purple for a while. It’s rather berry and coral season now, since summer has arrived, so I had nearly forgotten how classy purple can be. Pitter Patter had patiently waited for its turn, so here is this eggplant purple with shimmer.

pitter patter

Two coats applied.

pitter patter

pitter patter

pitter patter


pitter patter

pitter patter

Close-up of the shimmer finish.

pitter patter

[OPI] Pamplona Purple

Pamplona Purple. The name says it: purple.

pamplona purple_zpsssu49sty

Two coats shown below. Funny thing: Unscrewing the lid was kind of a nightmare. The bottle was already used (Ebay purchase), so I guess that some polish had glued the lid to the bottle neck. I finally managed to unscrew the bottle, but the pliers I had used left some dents on the lid … Nevertheless, the colour was worth the struggle!

pamplona purple1_zpsnd2swpgh

pamplona purple2_zps5hqpwknd

pamplona purple3_zpsewvx1uul

pamplona purple4_zps3emsogbl

[China Glaze] Purple Fiction

A real stunner; I have not tried all of the “Rebel” collection colours so far but Purple Fiction is a favourite, that’s for sure. Purple with metallic shimmer; it got me instantly. Beautiful in the bottle and amazing on the nails, especially in direct light.

purple fiction_zpsr4betmo3

Two coats shown below. Artificial light.

purple fiction1_zpsdxdswx6j

Purple Fiction exposed to direct light – I wish the sun had come out.

purple fiction2_zps5mresvo9

purple fiction3_zpskpw87dkt

purple fiction4_zpshkr6dld6

Macro photo.

purple fictionm_zpsyrhwbt17

purple fiction5_zpsa5dc44by