[Chanel] Exquisite Pink (#626)

Here’s my current favourite, Exquisite Pink. The name is a bit deceiving because the colour is more red with a hint of raspberry. I don’t know what I love about this but I’ve applied it for the second time within a week and can’t get enough of this shade.


Two coats shown below. Notice the two plush bears in the background with Paralympics mascot Bandabi on the right and a valentine’s bear on the left. 🐻 🙂 I was either too lazy or not in the mood (or both) for putting them aside.

exquisitepink626 0

exquisitepink626 1

exquisitepink626 2

exquisitepink626 3

exquisitepink626 4

Artificial light.

exquisitepink626 5

exquisitepink626 6


[A England] Anne Boleyn

March already – and Hamburg is still covered with snow. At least the sun is shining today and I will be going out, if only for shopping because I am still recovering from the flu but getting better every day.

Sunshine is normally ideal for holographic nail varnishes but it’s been a while since I had applied Anne Boleyn and taken the photos. This has a dark red base with a scattered holographic finish.

anne boleyn

Two coats shown below. Beautiful …






Natural light. Unfortunaly, photos were still taken in the flat so that the daylight doesn’t bring out the holo much more.




anneboleyn m

Grenat Again (#745)

I’m enjoying the time at my mother’s. We (i.e. my daughter and me) go swimming every day, and yesterday we watched Star Trek VIII: First Contact on DVD. My mother has got the largest TV screen! 😉

I know I had posted Grenat before, but since it was my chosen nail colour for Christmas, here are some more, maybe even better, photos. Two coats applied.

grenat745 1

grenat745 2

grenat745 3

grenat745 4

[Chanel] Scenario (#604)

A current favourite, with special regard to Christmas. I fancy reds and I fancy neons; Scenario combines both.


Two coats applied. The finish is actually matte but photos were taken with top coat.

scenario604 0

scenario604 1

scenario604 2

scenario604 3


scenario604 4

scenario604 5

On my way to the subway – here you can probably see how bright this is. 🙂

scenario604 6

scenario604 7

[Dior] Grenat (#745)

Seems that I saved the best for last, regarding Dior’s Precious Rocks nail polishes. Here’s Grenat – red with a hint of berry.


Two coats shown below. Again please excuse the bad lighting.

grenat745 1

grenat745 2

grenat745 3

grenat745 4

“Natural” light, haha … rather meaning: cloudy skies in the morning. But Grenat really stands out. 🙂

grenat745 5

grenat745 6

grenat745 7

grenat745 8

[Dior] Ruby (#673)

Ruby is indeed ruby red, coming with a shimmer finish.


Two coats applied. Artificial light – I am genuinely sorry for these rather bad pictures. Inside (at my mother’s) it was too dark and outside wasn’t better because it had been raining almost all the time with the usual dark clouds.

ruby673 1

ruby673 2

Maybe the photos aren’t that bad …

ruby673 3

This is outside and with a tiny raindrop on the bottle. Tried so hard. I might wear Ruby again because it’s also a pretty shade for Christmas.

ruby673 4

ruby673 5

ruby673 6


ruby673 m