[Chanel] Sailor (#749)

It’s been raining for the past three days (and it will continue for the weekend, at least until Saturday, according to the weather forecast), so I should show something bright again, which is Sailor. This is brand new for summer, and a pretty cherry red.


Application was my usual two coats. 😎

sailor749 0

sailor749 1

sailor749 2

sailor749 3

sailor749 4

In spite of the cold and rainy weather, I still enjoy swimming outside, even though the water is just around 18.4 degrees Celsius – or less, like this morning. But since this results in almost empty pools (although there are always athlethes training, regardless of the temperature), I’ve got lots of space, and in the end it’s all about my passion for swimming!

[Essence] Hot Like Chilli

It’s getting quite busy because Christmas is approaching. I am still working at the bookshop and loving it, but since it’s a temp job, my contract ends at the end of the year and I haven’t found another job yet. copy-editing (or “my “job #1”) will become my primary job again, it seems …

I bought Hot Like Chilli in October (and took the photos quite some weeks ago). It’s a darker red, with a light cinnamon scent.

hot like chili

Perfect coverage, two coats applied.

hot like chilli1

hot like chilli2

hot like chilli3

hot like chilli4

Artificial lighting.

hot like chilli5

[Chanel] Radiant Red (#731)

My latest red Chanel nail colour; Radiant Red is another of those shades exclusive to the webshop and Beauty Boutiques. The colour is metallic red.

radiant red731

This small collection is amazing, great formula. Shown below is two coats, but this too was opaque with the first coat.

radiant red731 0

radiant red731 1

radiant red731 2

radiant red731 3

radiant red731 4

Artificial lighting.

radiant red731 5

radiant red731 6

Close-up view.

radiant red731 m

I took the daylight photos above at the swimming pool again, with my  colourful TYR rucksack next to me. 😉 Love this style.


[China Glaze] Ho! Ho! No.

I sat the new Grinch animated film today, and had such a wonderful time. The film is so sweet. After two days in Hamburg, we’ll be going to my mother’s place (I still call it like that, it’s still her house, although she spent her last four years in the nursing home), until the beginning of January.

A colour which is totally Christmas is Ho! Ho! No. It’s classic red with small golden glitter particles.

Ho Ho No

Here’s two coats, and the location is before Alsterschwimmhalle swimming bath in Hamburg, my favourite place in town (apart from cinemas). So, this photo was taken after a swim.

ho ho no6

To me, the finish seems “naturally gritty”, i. e. I think Ho! Ho! No. is meant to be a sand polish. This is how I preferred it, without top coat.

ho ho no1

ho ho no2

ho ho no3

ho ho no4

Here it is smoothed out with top coat, making it look more like a regular red nail colour with a tad of sparkle.

ho ho no5 top coat

Close-up photo.

ho ho no mjpg

ho ho no5a

Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy the Holidays, be happy and spend as much time together as possible. Life’s so precious.

[Chanel] Flamboyance (#918)

I got the Chanel nail colours for Christmas last week and collected them from Alsterhaus, where I also had a lovely chat with my favourite shop assistant. Such a sweet person! 🙂

Here’s the first shade, Flamboyance. It’s a deep classic red with golden microglitter, which create a subtle shimmer. So very Christmas.

Two coats shown below.

These photos were taken after two days. Finally with natural light and a bit of sunshine. You might notice that the location is the entrance of Alsterschwimmhalle, my favourite swimming bath in Hamburg. It was right after swimming, which had caused slight chipping on my ring finger (but it’s not really visible).


[Dior] Triomphe (#760)

Next one of the Holiday Collection is Triomphe, which I am wearing right now, having applied it only last night. It’s metallic red.


Looks very much like Christmas, don’t you think? Hence, Triomphe might indeed become my pick for Christmas eve.

triomphe760 1

triomphe760 2

triomphe760 3

triomphe760 4

Artificial light.

triomphe760 5

triomphe760 6

triomphe760 7

Close-up with the fine shimmer and slight metallic effect.

triomphe760 m