[Essence] Absolutely Stylish

I have absolutely no idea when I took these photos – but since then, about seven years might indeed have passed! 😯 Thanks to the Phobtobucket fail and the vast majority of my photos not being displayed any more (I’m still working on it, migrating to Flickr, but I am progressing so slowly), I found Absolutely Stylish on my hard drive, wondering why I never published a post of this really unique brown with green glassflecks. So here it comes.


I am pretty sure that this is my usual two-coat application.




[Essence] No Hurries, No Worries

When I noticed No Hurries, No Worries at the local drugstore near my mother’s, I could not resist. White. Just pure and plain white.

no hurries no worries_zpsn1uuarke

But what is more, No Hurries, No Worries has great coverage. Shown below is two coats; having some experience with white nail polishes, I feared at least three coats … So overall, this is amazing!

no hurries no worries1_zpsn5lmyfpg

no hurries no worries2_zpsdukt9p4n

Artificial light. I’ve had No Hurries, No Worries on my nails for three days – topped it with Dior Reflects on day 2. No chipping, no tip wear. 🙂

no hurries no worries3_zpsxqyjh0pi

no hurries no worries4_zpsf0ogoabv

[Essence] Play With My Mint

Play With My Mint; this is a shade I had wanted to try for so long. Mint green is for sure a favourite colour. This came as a surprise with my Essence advent calendar, hence the cute snowflakes on the lid.

play with my mint_zpstfpreupw

Application was two coats. Perfect mint green – and glossy on its own already (although I sealed the manicure with a top coat).

play with my mint1_zpsnrmdzcqx

play with my mint2_zpsu1ly24jp

play with my mint3_zps4sbkfvmm

[Essence] Miss Frost

Yes … that’s wa winter release. I got this for Christmas from my daughter, and since I am into reds, Miss Frost is a beautiful addition to my stash. The red contains a tad of raspberry and also a visible shimmer – but overall the finish is matte!

miss frost_zpsp03gqd0x

Two coats shown below. No top coat of course. 😉

miss frost1_zpsvhjqn7in

miss frost2_zpstunufavg

miss frost3_zps3hwu1h1t

Close-up picture.

miss frost m_zpstnoklrxs

[Essence] Lumosi

A winter polish, and a very special one, because my daughter had picked this shade. Lumosi has a lilac base, which is combined with hints of grey and pink, and it also contains pink shimmer. Hence an intestering and quite unique colour in my stash.


Two coats applied.


Natural light.



Close-up view.

lumosi m_zpsxtg6byhj