Happy Easter!

Almost forgot this, so Happy Easter! Hope you are enjoying a wonderful time. We had rainfalls in the morning but now, in the late afternoon, the sun has finally come out and even though it’s a bit windy you would not guess that the day started pretty cold and wet. 😎



Eye Candy …

At least, most of them are unboxed now, so I might be taking photos soon … but they aren’t that many (compared to other collections).


Rouge Très Noir and Lune Rousse must be pretty old ❓


In contrast, three of the latest Diors, Pandore, Front Row and Junon. Just bought them today.


I’m back!

More or less, since I had stayed in Hamburg, of course, but for eight days, the Cinemaxx Dammtor movie theatre had become kind of my second home (and Bäri Bäri’s too), to attend Fantasy Filmfest … nevertheless, I did my nails almost every day, e.g. Twenty Ten (The Hungry Asian), Chanel Alchimie (since A Field in England, directed by Ben Wheatley, contained this topic partially), Zoya LC, Green Palm Tree by p2. On the final day, I wore Matte Is Murder (ManGlaze).

I loved Animals because there was an animated teddy bear. My personal highlight was Love Eternal; ist’s about a young man being fascinated by people to wish to die and wanting to be close to them.

Some impressions, although no nail varnish pics … 🙄

Getting ready. 😉



Sometimes we had a double seat. :mrgreen:




[Dior] Améthyste

Here’s one of my favourite vintage Dior varnishes, Améthyste (I got this from my husband… thank you so much!). This is pretty complex, with a magenta/purple base and blue-ish, purple and magenta shimmer particles. Definitely my pick!



Swatches are really old; in May last year, I still had those (more or less) long nails. 😉






amethyste-1 amethyste-close

Although it’s been one week already, I would love to share with you some impressions of this year’s Fantasy Filmfest Nights. Enjoy!




Ben & Jerry’s ‘The Vermonster’, yummy! Vermont maple syrup, caramelised pecans and caramel.


Had tortilla chips again. :mrgreen:


Fantasy Filmfest Nights 2013 are approaching…

So this is not at all related to nail varnishes, but Fantasy Filmfest Nights are approaching, i. e. tomorrow and the day after tomorrow (Saturday and Sunday), Bäri Bäri and I will spend approximately 11-12 hours at the movie theatre, enjoying a bunch of selected features. 🙂 Ten movies in two days, so to say. Looking forward to each and every one of them!

Here are some impressions of last year… :mrgreen:



Not my favourite food, but available very quickly!


However, preparation means that I had to do lots of things – which normally I would have done over the weekend – in advance, and that’s why I have been to busy lately and have not been able to post any swatches. But everything might be back to normal again from Monday!

Random Stuff

Just some random stuff, once in a while… it’s raining heavily rain , so great wheather for something like Illamasqua Raindrops, but I still love my current Dior Bikini mani.

Fantasy Filmfest 2012, starting next week. I don’t really like this year’s poster but it is easy selecting matching Dior varnishes (works with Essie as well 😉 ). However, I haven’t made a choice yet regarding the actual varnishes I’m going to wear for the Filmfest.


I’ve got a general admission ticket and have already selected my favourite films. 🙂 So much looking forward to this festival! The area surrounding the movie theatre has been a building site for, I guess, more than a year now but, once in the theatre, there isn’t much noise.

Dior Princess Ring; I guess this came out in or around 2005. I noticed this at ChaHeVu‘s blog and thought it was cute, so I went for the baby blue/turquoise version of this, which contains two eye highlighters.

princess ring

princess ring

This picture was taken when I tidied my Helmers sometime in July. :mrgreen:


[Sticky] Happy Easter 2012!

I remember that last year I could take the traditional Easter greetings picture outside on our balcony, since the weather was sunny. Today it’s too chilly, but here’s the same Easter bunny, and we also prepared those yummy giveaways again (not yet gift-wrapped, though).


My Easter nail varnish is another Riviera – this time, the Dior one. bunny