Random Stuff

Just some random stuff, once in a while… it’s raining heavily rain , so great wheather for something like Illamasqua Raindrops, but I still love my current Dior Bikini mani.

Fantasy Filmfest 2012, starting next week. I don’t really like this year’s poster but it is easy selecting matching Dior varnishes (works with Essie as well 😉 ). However, I haven’t made a choice yet regarding the actual varnishes I’m going to wear for the Filmfest.


I’ve got a general admission ticket and have already selected my favourite films. 🙂 So much looking forward to this festival! The area surrounding the movie theatre has been a building site for, I guess, more than a year now but, once in the theatre, there isn’t much noise.

Dior Princess Ring; I guess this came out in or around 2005. I noticed this at ChaHeVu‘s blog and thought it was cute, so I went for the baby blue/turquoise version of this, which contains two eye highlighters.

princess ring

princess ring

This picture was taken when I tidied my Helmers sometime in July. :mrgreen:



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