[Chanel] Alchimie

Alchimie. Thanks to my friend Judi, I can now add it to my stash. 🙂 It’s khaki with a slight golden shimmer, less than Péridot, and Alchimie is also a tad darker and less golden. Actually I like Péridot very much, but it looks horrible on my nails, never had a color that clashes so much with my skin tone as Péridot does. Thus, Alchimie is much better.


So eager to try this, I did a quick swatch. Shown below is two coats. Honestly – Judi’s package contained a bunch of other varnishes, and some of them really blew my mind, e.g. Zoya Blaze. Probably that’s why I’m not that convinced by Alchimie, and moreover, it’s summer and this is definitely an autumn shade and I love wearing pastels or – the opposite – bright shades at present, so I will apply it again in a couple weeks, I guess.





Close-up view.



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