Steel My Soul

Pulled this out again, i.e. found it at my mother’s. I’ve shown this already but still like the colour (which is taupe with a hint of lilac, as well as golden microglitter) and the finish; it’s called “Brushed Metal Effect” – similar to suède finish. Since Steel My Soul was released in 2012 – and Catrice have changed their bottle shape a while ago -, it’s not available any more, sorry for that.

steel my soul1

Application was two coats. I remember that back in the early (2012) days, I didn’t have many matte nail polishes and was still fascinated by this finish.

steel my soul2

steel my soul3

steel my soul4

steel my soul5

Close-up – with the beautiful golden shimmer.

steel my soul m>

No Snow Petrol Again

Snow is melting and the sun is coming out – we might probably have witnessed the beginning of spring. Which would be lovely because I am planning to see my mother from Wednesday onwards for at least one week. Stll feeling a bit poorly I hope that I can go swimming again soon.

No Snow Petrol is one of my favourite Catrice nail varnishes. It’s not new in the blog, I had posted it before and thing I haven’t worn it since then. But this petrol base with its fine pink glassflecks deserves more than a second round. Application is still flawless after all these years; two coats shown below.





Artificial light. Very recently I noticed that Catrice changed their bottle design – obviously more than one in the past few years. 😉


Close-up picture.

nosnowpetrol m

[Catrice] Call Me Princess

Japan-Filmfest is scheduled to start on Wednesday. Today I secured my tickets and, of course, I have already chosen my “festival nail colour”: Call Me Princess had been waiting patiently; it’s been in my stash for a long time, being neglected. It’s a sand polish and although I like this finish very much there was a time when I simply ignored it. I tried Call Me Princess, which is pink with golden glitter, about two weeks ago and loved how it sparkles. As for Japan-Filmfest, I prefer glitters, anything that looks a bit crazy and sparkly, so Call Me Princess really deserves to be worn.


Two coats shown below. This also has the advantage of drying quickly.

call me princess1_zps9srz8y3z

call me princess2_zpsflclc7y2

call me princess3_zpszj1hjzhs

call me princess4_zpsbut7rkig

Close up view.

call me princess m_zpsjfxggcmq

[Catrice] Purple Reign

At present, my favourite Catrice nail varnish is Purple Reign. it has a rich purple base and is packed with blue flakes – stunning and beautiful.

purple reign

Two coats.

purple reign

purple reign

purple reign

purple reign

purple reign

I would have loved managing a macro shot, but, unfortunately, all of them were blurred. 😦 I also notice that it has been more than a year since my last Catrice post … but this brand definitely deserves more attention.

[Catrice] Be Aztec!

I’m still alive, despite of all those horror movies. 😉 Fantasy Filmfest Nights were great! So this is a rather short post, since it’s pretty late… Be Aztec! by Catrice, a green shade with golden shimmer.


Two coats.





Close-up view. 🙂


[Catrice] No Snow Petrol

No Snow Petrol. Nice name… and finally, at my local drugstore, I could no longer resist this turquoise-petrol shade with its hint of pink glitter (unfortunately, this is not visible in the photos, due to the poor daylight conditions).


Shown below is two coats; I like Catrice varnishes since they apply so easily and dry quickly.


Under artificial light.

no-snow-petrol1 no-snow-petrol2

[Catrice] Steel My Soul

I’m wearing Steel My Soul by Catrice today, for the second time, since I like its colour and application. It’s taupe with a hint of lilac or somewhat close to these shades, with a noticeable golden shimmer.

steel my soul

By Catrice, this kind of finish is called “Brushed Metal Effect”, and it’s a bit gritty. If you add top coat (sadly I didn’t take any photos using top coat on Steel My Soul), this will bring out the shimmer particles.

steel my soul

steel my soul

steel my soul

Close up view.

steel my soul