[Catrice] No Snow Petrol

No Snow Petrol. Nice name… and finally, at my local drugstore, I could no longer resist this turquoise-petrol shade with its hint of pink glitter (unfortunately, this is not visible in the photos, due to the poor daylight conditions).


Shown below is two coats; I like Catrice varnishes since they apply so easily and dry quickly.


Under artificial light.

no-snow-petrol1 no-snow-petrol2

2 thoughts on “[Catrice] No Snow Petrol

  1. I really, really like Catrice polish. I just wish it was available in the US. I also think Barry M is a great brand of polish, and again I wish it was available in the US. I have a few Catrice, the formula is usually a one coat for me, the brush is great and it dries fast. This is a great color on you. If I lived where I could get I would def have this color. I love the idea f the pink shimmer in a turquoise.
    Thanks so much for sharing. I love your posts!
    Happy New Year Carla, I hope the new year brings you anllyou want and need. 🙂
    Xoxo– Judi


    • Hi Judi, I like both brands – during my time in the UK, I owned tons of Barry M polishes and in general, I like their variety of shades and everything, they are pretty creative.
      As for Catrice, if you’re after any particular shade (like No Snow Petrol), those are available at every drugstore and I could get it for you, no problem! They are 2.49 euros each, including their limited edition polishes (however, they are sometimes hard to find). Just let me know, you’ve got my email address. 🙂


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