[Dior] Sophisticated (#742)

Sophisticated (which is, although part of this year’s autumn collection, not available in Europe, as far as I know) is a cherry red with “crelly” finish, hence crème and jelly hybrid.


I applied two coats.

sophisticated742 1

sophisticated742 2

sophisticated742 3

sophisticated742 4

Natural light.

sophisticated742 5


[Yves Saint Laurent] Orange Fusion (#2)

This is the colour I am currently wearing, Orange Fusion. It’s more blood orange, containing a certain proportion of red. But jelly finish and a bit sheer. I also got a cardigan of the same shade. 🙂

orange fusion2_zpsn8rtxqdk

Because I like it more opaque, this is three coats. Overall, Orange Fusion is bright and glossy.

orangefusion2 1_zpsvesobosq

orangefusion2 2_zpstbblb6zr

orangefusion2 3_zpsvlq7bemh

orangefusion2 4_zpshnpe37bp

[China Glaze] Blue-Ya

Blue-Ya surprised me. It’s got a blue jelly-ish base containing blue and green glitter bits. And of course I thought it would be rather sheer – but it isn’t. It turned out to be almost opaque after the first coat. And the shimmer … Stunning!


Two coats applied. Artificial light (bringing out the blue glassflecks).


In daylight, hints of green are clearly visible. Most of the time, however, Blue-Ya presents its blue side.







Close-up view.

blue-ya m_zpsasw8itbu

[Chanel] Rouge Radical (#530)

Tonight is the night: 30th Fantasy Filmfest Opening Night (just two movies, but from tomorrow I’ll be watching “5 a day”, until 18 September). So looking forward; the selection of films is amazing this year. However, my being at the cinema also means that I won’t be posting that much, since I will also be wearing nail colours I have tried before.

Nevertheless, I have a new post: Rouge Radical. Although it looks rather sheer in the bottle, it is surprisingly opaque (considering its sheerness, it won’t turn into an crème finish though) on the nails and thus more like a jelly.

nail gloss530_zpslwoltwis

This is two coats of Rouge Radical; there is still a visible nail line, but initially I expected something like a transparent, slightly tinted top coat. So in the end I really liked this nail gloss (and glossy it is).

rouge radical530 1_zpswkl5kkwk

rouge radical530 2_zps4tbgcvrf

rouge radical530 3_zpsvrtcyxjh

rouge radical530 4_zpsawcw2m8u

[Ciaté] Power Dressing

I’m keeping the Ciaté minis (from their advent calendars) at my mother’s house (outsourcing 😉 ) and when I was in the mood for dark blue some days ago, I remembered Power Dressing. This is a dark blue jelly.

power dressing mini_zpsavbbxfd0

Shown below is two coats. I had expexted Power Dressing to stain upon removal – but no such thing, thus: great plus!





Anyway, this is the reason why you haven’t seen Ciaté in this blog for quite a while. This (kind of) “alternative” stash comes handy; normally, when I am away for some days, I pick my nail colours in advance, but sometimes change my mind (I try matching my nails with bags or clothes) – andam happy about “replacement” shades.