[Chanel] Aurore (#606)

I’m a bit late for Valentine’s day but at least have a special nail colour to present, Aurore. This is pink with a subtle blue-ish microshimmer (not visible on the nail though). What is more, it’s boutique-exclusive but also available online.


I thought Aurore might be a bit boring because there are so many shades of pink and even from Chanel – but it’s on my desk with my favourite colours for spring now and will soon be applied again. Below you see two coats.

aurore606 0

aurore606 1

aurore606 2

aurore606 3

aurore606 4

Artificial light (here it looks actually pink).

aurore606 5

aurore606 6

aurore606 7


aurore606 m1


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of you. I don’t have a nail polish to show today (I’m wearing Rouge Puissant) but this lovely photo of Bäri:


My favourite season of the year has come. 🙂 Have a wonderful time.

Happy Easter!

Almost forgot this, so Happy Easter! Hope you are enjoying a wonderful time. We had rainfalls in the morning but now, in the late afternoon, the sun has finally come out and even though it’s a bit windy you would not guess that the day started pretty cold and wet. 😎


Happy Halloween!

Nathaniel presents our Jack O’Lantern.


Since my mother wasn’t able to take care of her place, due to her ongoing illness, the garden looks so creepy that it does not need any decoration. I set up the pumpkin inside though; people in this town do not really celebrate All Hallows’ Eve, and I wouldn’t like someone messing around.


Ethan in Candy Land.


I’m usually not posting pictures of myself, but sometimes I do, once a year or so. Part of my costume – I love dressing up. This still misses the halo and its wings, which I will put on later. Nail polish is Dior Smoky.


My little one had a devil’s costume but grew out of it, so she’s dressing up as a witch.

Have a great day!

[Dior] Métropolis (701)

Fantasy Filmfest starts tomorrow (at least in Hamburg) and I was happy that I could pick the latest Dior nail varnishes yesterday – because it would have been difficult otherwise, since I am going to spend lots of time at Savoy movie theatre. This is the most exciting time of the year! 🙂

As for Métropolis, I guess it’s my favourite of the Dior autumn polishes. I instantly fell for this dark muted green, containing a proportion of grey.


Application was two coats. Unfortunately, cloudy skies again and lots of rain. Can’t really imagine that the weather is said to be getting better towards the weekend but I hope for sunshine!

metropolis701 1_zpsklv0q8st

metropolis701 2_zpswpneiibn

metropolis701 3_zpshwjqicsv

metropolis701 4_zpsx7tu6wta

Indoors picture.

metropolis701 5_zpsugebwtcr

[Dior] Brun Moiré / Brown Moire

So here we’ve got another vintage Dior nail varnish: Brun Moiré aka Brown Moire. This is a bronze-brown shade with a shimmer finish.


Photos (showing two coats of Brun Moiré) were taken under artificial light some months ago.





Macro view.


My internet is running normally again, so there is much hope for regular posts, and at the same time I am already preparing a couple more drafts. 🙂 Thanks for staying tuned!