[Chanel] Fuchsine (#29)

I went through my Chanels and realised that I had neither posted nor worn Fuchsine yet, so here it is. It’s a vintage colour, wine red with purple, as well as a slight but visible blue and purple shimmer. As for the exact release date, I have no clue.


Formula is still good, i .e. like new. Two coats applied.

fuchsine29 1

fuchsine29 2

fuchsine29 3

Artificial light.

fuchsine29 4

fuchsine29 5


fuchsine29 m

[Dior] Poison Metal (#979)

I am back – with Poison Metal, which I am currently wearing, wine red with metallic finish and thus made for autumn.

poison metal979

My mani shows two coats although I have to say that it is close to a one coat wonder. Excellent formula.

poisonmetal979 1

poisonmetal979 2

poisonmetal979 3

poisonmetal979 4

Artificial light.

poisonmetal979 5

poisonmetal979 6

poisonmetal979 7

Close-up (with daylight).

poisonmetal979 m

[Dior] Minuit

Much anticipated. Minuit spots glassflecks in a wine red/plum base. It’s an awesome shade that puts me in the mood for Christmas.


Two coats. The pictures show my actual mani, thus topped with one coat Sally Hansen InstaDri. So far, Minuit is my favourite shade for Christmas, although I’m very excited to try (Chanel) Rouge Rubis.






Close-up view.


[Chanel] Rouge Moiré

Beautiful, but not really the kind of finish I prefer … Rouge Moiré is a raspberry red (actually, it’s a bit of a wine red) with a pearly finish. Looks nice, but not on me, despite its visible shimmer.

rouge moire

Two coats. Probably, when Christmas approaches, I might try this again. Nevertheless, I took a couple of photos. 🙂

rouge moire

rouge moire

rouge moire

rouge moire

rouge moire

[a-england] Jane Eyre

I adore each of the collections by a-england, but the Gothic Beauties contain some of my favourite shades. Jane Eyre has a black base with a noticeable eggplant/wine red shimmer. I read the book during my final year at school, like so many classic novels.


Two coats. Gosh, it was at the end of November last year when I took those photos … And because of the time of the year, all of them were taken under artificial light.






Close-up view. Don’t even remember how I managed to capture this. 😉