[Zoya] Carly

Can you imagine it’s freezing out there again? On Friday (when we were still in Lower Saxony) it was even snowing but being in a nicely heated swimming bath watching the snow can be a bliss. 🙂 So I’m back to swimming again and it is great.

Here’s a foil; I’ve been storing Carly for ages and finally applied it. Even though I might associate foil finishes with winter, this was actually released as part of a summer collection. Purple base and the glitter comes in silver and red particles.



Two coats applied.




Some photos under natural light.



Close-up picture.


[Chanel] Distraction (#549)

I remember that I, for sure, applied Distraction after its release in 2012 – but as I didn’t find any entry in this little web space, nor draft, I must have forgotten to take photos. However, Distraction is a beautiful coral shade with pink shimmer, which I am finally presenting.


Application was two coats. Daylight and cinnamon ice cream. :mrgreen:


distraction549 5

distraction549 6

distraction549 7

distraction549 8

Artificial light

distraction549 1

distraction549 2

distraction549 4


distraction549 m

[China Glaze] Flirty Tankini

I’m trying to get an overview regarding my China Glaze stash. Like this brand so much. So I recognised Flirty Tankini and that I hadn’t shown this yet. Here it comes, neon coral (with a hint of pink).

flirty tankini

flirty tankini0

Artificial light and the normal finish, which is semi-matte.

flirty tankini1

flirty tankini2

flirty tankini4

Here it is with a layer of top coat, which doesn’t really make a difference in the photos, I guess.

flirty tankini5

flirty tankini6

Close-up view.

flirty tankini m

[Dior] Calypso (#158)

Calypso. I’ve neglected this for years and don’t know why. Maybe the mention of “Gloss” scared me away because I expected a jelly which would need at least four coats … The colour is red.


It’s indeed a bit sheer (but dries quickly). This ist three thin coats.

calypso158 1

calypso158 2

calypso158 3

calypso158 4

Artificial light.

calypso158 5

[Essence] Bienvenido a Miami

Bright egg yolk yellow. I’m a fan of yellows. 😎

bienvenido a miami_zps4bojgdka

Two coats applied. I guess there’s no need to mention but this is another of those perfect summer colours. Unfortunately, Bienvenido a Miami was released in 2012 (though Essence have yellows in their core collection) and is, moreover, a yellow that applied easily.

bienvenido a miami1_zpsbsezjngx

bienvenido a miami2_zpsn5x3yi0s

bienvenido a miami3_zpsavbxwr9a

[China Glaze] Love’s A Beach

Love’s A Beach is actually a stunner – bright neon pink (with a notable proportion of fuchsia) with shimmer finish.

loves a beach_zpst37j1rou

Unfortunately, the sun was hiding … Just imagine a brilliantly shining shade. Two coats applied, as well as top coat, otherwise the finish is satin-y.

loves a beach1_zpsenku9swo

loves a beach2_zpseyksexvk

Photos taken outside. I will for sure apply Love’s A Beach again sometime soon and really regret that I had been waiting for so long to try it.

loves a beach3_zpsvumb9xrc

loves a beach4_zpsaskapdz5

Close-up view.

loves a beach m_zpseu3ijhgx

[Chanel] Island

Thought I had posted this already! Island was part of the summer collection 2012. It has a visible pearl finish, and the colour is between light pink and beige.


Two coats. I admit, it’s not my favourite, but I might give it a second try.



I’ll be going to my parents’ place again soon, and I am really looking forward to it. This is going to be really personal now; normally I prevent myself from posting stuff apart from my passion for film festivals – this is my father (he died in 2011), after he had gained lots of stage experience with renowned theatres, he decided to become a vet, working for the pharmaceutical industry.


This dress is about 50 years old and I found it in my mother’s closet. 😉 It is still immaculate, so I could not resist trying it on, haha!


Here is my mother (next to my father) wearing the same dress. 🙂 Obviously, she was slimmer than me (although in the photo younger than I am now)! :mrgreen:


A cookbook from the 1950s, when electric cookers came into being … 😉


[China Glaze] Hang-ten Toes

Another summer shade, although of 2012, Hang-ten Toes. I loved this the moment I saw it back in 2012, and since then, I have been wearing it a couple of times, but never managed to take decent photos of it, until lately. Hang-ten Toes is a neon pink with a slight fuchsia shimmer.


Definitely one of my all-time favourites. Two coats shown below.






The only ‘proper’ photo I could take in 2012, with Bäri Bäri. 🐻


Taken in July this year. 🙂

hang-ten-toes6_zps97f1aea7 hang-ten-toes7_zps5aa4b8d6

A close-up view.


[China Glaze] Splish Splash

It’s been raining all day, so here is Splish Splash, matching the terrible weather and bringing some fun, since it’s is a bright blue shade, containing a visible shimmer.


Two coat; the formula of Splish Splash is a bit thick, but I didn’t mind. However, this belongs to the colours that are hard to capture authentically. It didn’t work with my usual camera, but surprisingly with the phone. 🙂