[Chanel] Island

Thought I had posted this already! Island was part of the summer collection 2012. It has a visible pearl finish, and the colour is between light pink and beige.


Two coats. I admit, it’s not my favourite, but I might give it a second try.



I’ll be going to my parents’ place again soon, and I am really looking forward to it. This is going to be really personal now; normally I prevent myself from posting stuff apart from my passion for film festivals – this is my father (he died in 2011), after he had gained lots of stage experience with renowned theatres, he decided to become a vet, working for the pharmaceutical industry.


This dress is about 50 years old and I found it in my mother’s closet. 😉 It is still immaculate, so I could not resist trying it on, haha!


Here is my mother (next to my father) wearing the same dress. 🙂 Obviously, she was slimmer than me (although in the photo younger than I am now)! :mrgreen:


A cookbook from the 1950s, when electric cookers came into being … 😉



One thought on “[Chanel] Island

  1. Such sweet pics of your folks. Thank you for sharing. I love that you fit into your Mom’s dress! My mom was so tiny I would never have attempted to try and love that you did. Hope things go well for your visit and we will “talk” soon my friend.


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