[China Glaze] Meet Me In the Mirage

This is an older draft, from October. The garden in the background looks different now. 😉

Meet Me In the Mirage is a rose gold foil, also containing hints of bronze. Sparkly and pretty.

meet me in the mirage_zpszhodwk3e

Shown below is two coats. I had wanted to apply this for so long; it is more a summer colour, and a bit of sunshine would have brought out its sparkles.

meet me in the mirage1_zpssmmehpqj




Close-up view.

meet me in the mirage m_zpsvibtdusm

[China Glaze] Point Me to the Party

Happy New Year everybody! Hope that you all had a great time celebrating New Year’s Eve and that 2016 will be just brilliant.

My manicure to welcome 2016 was Point Me to the Party. This is a glitter topper in a transparent base, and the glitter comes in various shapes, sizes and colours, i. e. neon pink, yellow, green, orange and blue.

Point Me to the Party_zpsvbbx1ezk

Here is Point Me to the Party layered over two coats of Dior Bar.

point me to the party1_zpsgwu1ekgy

point me to the party2_zpsubmoiwl4

point me to the party3_zpscx8fqhyy

Direct sunlight.

point me to the party4_zpsfqodwzwi

Close-up picture.

point me to the party m_zpsaymmnsav

[China Glaze] The Heat Is On

Finally another red. 🙂 I admit that the Desert Escape by China Glaze somehow skipped my mind until, by chance, I came across its mini versions – and had never noticed China Glaze minis before. These are so cute, except maybe the label sticking to the bottom, its print being so small that it’s hard to read when you’re heavily short-sighted. :mrgreen: This is The Heat Is On, a bright tomato red with a slight jelly formula (but not too sheer).

the heat is on_zps6m6yhgzn

Two coats shown below.

the heat is on1_zps8ktourjz

the heat is on2_zpsqzshe3es

the heat is on3_zpsemmqyxfp

the heat is on4_zpsbhbnxfog

[China Glaze] Plur-ple

Plur-ple is a neon purple, but it is really hard to capture its true colour.


The formula is a bit runny but builds up opacity with two coats. I also used a white base (and a topcoat). Plur-ple is actually much more brighter and more purple than shown below.






[China Glaze] Home Sweet House Music

Home Sweet House Music. I thought I had already posted this. Nevertheless, here is this awesome tangerine neon shade.

Home Sweet House Music_zpsqklkuipy

Appication was two coats of Home Sweet House Music over Dior Snow White. Since Home Sweet House Music is, I guess, UV-sensitive, its actual colour is hard to capture. Whether sunlight, artificial light or inside with natural light, it can look totally different. Also, I took some photos with my smartphone.

All photos taken inside. Here it looks more tangerine.

home sweet house music01_zps8dkcgqof

home sweet house music0_zpsyr9h80g9

Same angle, but photo taken with smartphone.

home sweet house music1_zps9f4wplmy

Here it presents its orange-leaning side.

home sweet house music2_zpscw3bpd4i

home sweet house music3_zpsbk3u37i0

home sweet house music4_zpstrpumxw5

home sweet house music5_zpsx0wwkb1m

Perhaps needless to say but I like this colour! I don’t have any other tangerine nail varnish, except Barry M Tangerine, which has a shimmer finish. 🙂

[A England] Proserpine

Wearing holographic nail varnishes during the summer is really fun. I like how they reflect in sunlight, their effect is complex and really stunning. Proserpine has a teal base with holographic shimmer, and it also contains a tad of blue.


I was really glad eing able to take photos while the sun was shining, the result couldn’t have been better. Application was two coats.







Close-up view.

proserpine m1_zpsu4olk95o