[China Glaze] Home Sweet House Music

Home Sweet House Music. I thought I had already posted this. Nevertheless, here is this awesome tangerine neon shade.

Home Sweet House Music_zpsqklkuipy

Appication was two coats of Home Sweet House Music over Dior Snow White. Since Home Sweet House Music is, I guess, UV-sensitive, its actual colour is hard to capture. Whether sunlight, artificial light or inside with natural light, it can look totally different. Also, I took some photos with my smartphone.

All photos taken inside. Here it looks more tangerine.

home sweet house music01_zps8dkcgqof

home sweet house music0_zpsyr9h80g9

Same angle, but photo taken with smartphone.

home sweet house music1_zps9f4wplmy

Here it presents its orange-leaning side.

home sweet house music2_zpscw3bpd4i

home sweet house music3_zpsbk3u37i0

home sweet house music4_zpstrpumxw5

home sweet house music5_zpsx0wwkb1m

Perhaps needless to say but I like this colour! I don’t have any other tangerine nail varnish, except Barry M Tangerine, which has a shimmer finish. 🙂

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