Two Fingered Salute Again

March already. It’s carnival season at the moment although not in the North of Germany. Hope I’ll be at the house soon and enjoy some time off but this week will be a bit busy. Nevertheless I look forward to my next swimming session tomorrow.

I’m not sure whether I had applied Two Fingered Salute after the 2013 post again … but there are some new photos from last week. It’s been ages since I wore Butter London. Here’s Two Fingered Salute with two coats.

two fingered salute1

two fingered salute2

two fingered salute3

two fingered salute4

Close-up. Still admire the copper flakes, combined with the mint green base.

two fingered salute m

[butter LONDON] Pitter Patter

I have neither worn nor shown purple for a while. It’s rather berry and coral season now, since summer has arrived, so I had nearly forgotten how classy purple can be. Pitter Patter had patiently waited for its turn, so here is this eggplant purple with shimmer.


Two coats applied.

pitter patter1_zpsrk1jmh0p

pitter patter2_zpsk65q7eec

pitter patter3_zpsykkpzguh


pitter patter4_zpsaowk7q3e
pitter patter5_zps9jc83i2j

Close-up of the shimmer finish.

pitter patter4 mjpg_zpsn63xdsuw

[Butter London] Fiddlesticks

Here is another mani I had applied shortly before Christmas (which at present seems ages ago 😯 ), Fiddlesticks. I had worn this raspberry/magenta pink with sparkling glitter particles a couple of months before, at the beginning of last year or so, and I liked it – but the weather was not good enough to take photos, as lighting in the flat was somewhat bad. So here is Fiddlesticks.


I have no clue how the name relates to the name of this colour – but it is pretty. 🙂 When applying Fiddlesticks, I had a little scratch on my ring finger, thus the plaster.







[butter LONDON] Lilibet’s Jubilee

Lilibet’s Jubilee is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s accession to the throne. I’m posting this now because … well, it’s been among my drafts for quite a while, and New Year’s Eve kind of marks a jubilee too, and so on, whatever. Cheap excuse, I admit. 🙄 (My actual mani today is Untitled Black topped with The Living Daylights.) :mrgreen: The varnish is a pale lilac spotting a metallic finish.

lilibet's jubilee

Two coats.





Macro view.


Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, hope to find you again on this blog. 🙂

[butter London] All Hail the Queen

All Hail the Queen. I had this on my nails at the beginning of the week, pairing it with a shirt of the same colour, i. e. a nude beige, but of course, my top didn’t have any of the holographic micro glitter particles …

all hail the queen

Two coats; All Hail the Queen dried quickly, and it looked stunning on the nails!

all hail the queen

all hail the queen

all hail the queen

all hail the queen

Macro shot.

all hail the queen

[butter LONDON] Two Fingered Salute

About a week ago I received a package from Judi, packed with loads of beautiful varnishes. Again, many thanks Judi! 🙂

Two Fingered Salute was part of Judi’s package. This shade is Nordstrom exclusive, and I had been longing for it the moment I saw it because I thought that the combo of its pale, dusty mint green and copper microglitter would look great on my nails.


And indeed, it does! Since the copper glitter is nearly exactly the colour of my skin. 🙂






Here’s a close-up view of Two Fingered Salute.


[butter LONDON] Wallis

One of my readers, Judi, asked me to swatch Wallis, so I grabbed it from my stash and took it to my temporary accommodation – and here we go. Wallis (after Wallis Simpson, I guess) is an olive green shade loaded with golden glitter. At first sight, it reminds me of Or Tsarine/Czarina Gold (Dior), but the latter has a more brown-ish base. The glitter, however, is similar.


Two coats; this is the actual mani. Please ignore the super short nails and my dry cuticles! 😦 Here’s Wallis under artificial light…


… and this is daylight, however, pretty cloudy. Judi, I hope you’ll like the photos anyway! 🙂




Close up view.


[butter LONDON] Victoriana

Recently, Alsterhaus department store had a clearout sale of their butter LONDON varnishes – 50 per cent off. 🙂 I chose Dosh, Wallis and Victoriana, which is a grey-ish blue, containing a slight tad of green (really just a bit), as well as silver glitter.


It’s opaque with just one coat 🙂 , however, shown below are two coats.




And a close up view, a bit blurred… sorry!

[Butter London] No More Waity, Katie

Sheer mix of lilac, silver and a bit purple with purple glitter. Limited edition in celebration of the upcoming Royal Wedding.

no more waity katie

Catrice’s Dirty Berry (on the left) is said to be similar to this but I think there’s a huge difference. No More Waity, Katie is also pretty sheer and watery.

dirty berry vs NMWK

New and better pics, taken in November 2011 – these replace the old photographs. 🙂