[butter LONDON] Wallis

One of my readers, Judi, asked me to swatch Wallis, so I grabbed it from my stash and took it to my temporary accommodation – and here we go. Wallis (after Wallis Simpson, I guess) is an olive green shade loaded with golden glitter. At first sight, it reminds me of Or Tsarine/Czarina Gold (Dior), but the latter has a more brown-ish base. The glitter, however, is similar.


Two coats; this is the actual mani. Please ignore the super short nails and my dry cuticles! 😦 Here’s Wallis under artificial light…


… and this is daylight, however, pretty cloudy. Judi, I hope you’ll like the photos anyway! 🙂




Close up view.



2 thoughts on “[butter LONDON] Wallis

  1. Thank you so much! It is gorgeous on you and you take the best pictures. Honestly I didn’t see any dry cuticles and your nails look great. Thanks again for doing that! I really appreciate your time and effort to satisfy my curiosity about this great color.


    • It’s been a pleasure Judi, since I was eager trying this shade too. It looks so gorgeous in the bottle and it was so easy to apply, almost opaque with just one coat. 🙂 I think Wallis is a wonderful shade for fall and even the holidays, capturing the ‘autumn mood’ perfectly.
      Thank you for your sweet words, I really appreciate them! 🙂


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