[Dior] Camel (#224)

Camel was, as far as I’ve heard, released for Fashion’s Night Out 2019. However, I purchased it online from the Dior webshop. It’s a light peach with golden glassflecks.


Sorry for the bad light but days have been rainy recently, so it’s hard to take photos outside. Two coats shown below.

camel224 1

camel224 2

camel224 3


camel224 m

[Manhattan] Purple Poetry

Look what I found in my stash – in the meantime, Manhattan have changed their bottle design ages ago, and there are still nail varnishes in my collection I hadn’t applied yet. Purple Poetry has a purple base enriched with pink and blue glassflecks.


Two coats shown below under artificial lighting.



Close-up photo.


[Dior] Sun Glow Top Coat (#026)

Finally here’s the Sun Glow Top Coat; this is really made for summer days. I’ve tried it over various colours from the Dior summer collection during the past weeks and am happy to present the photos.

Since it is a glitter top coat meant to add a bit of sparkle to your mani, the Sun Glow Top Coat is sheer, with a bronze base and small golden and bronze glassflecks.

sun glow026

One coat over Orange Sienna.

sun glow026 orange sienna536 1


sun glow026 orange sienna536 m

Layered over Wild Earth. I liked this in particular because of the top coat brightening up Wild Earth a bit. Really looked like summer.

sunglow026 wildearth826 2

sunglow026 wildearth826 1


sunglow026 wildearth826 m

However, my favourite is Sun Glow over Terra Gold. On its own, Terra Gold is a bit too pale for me, but combined with the top coat, it gave my nails a more natural look, despite the shimmer. Hard to explain – I just loved this.

sunglow026 terragold425 2

sunglow026 terragold425 1

Close-up photo.

sunglow026 terragold425 m

[Dior] Lucky Dior (#539)

Here we go again – April has been the busiest month so far, with Fantasy Filmfest Nights and (German) Mensa Annual Gathering but I had lots of fun and met the sweetest people. Before it’s time for Japan-Filmfest Hamburg (but only during the second half of May), I’ll show you Lucky Dior. If you think you have heard this before, the colour is indeed similar to classic Lucky – coral red with a hint of watermelon -, but this one adds some glassflecks.

lucky dior539

Application was two coats. Obviously red is the dominant shade in this.

luckydior539 1

luckydior539 2

luckydior539 3

luckydior539 4


luckydior539 m