[A England] Tower of London

So I’m still outside Hamburg, appreciating small town life in Nienburg so much and just loving to spend time outside in the garden or during short walks. I went to Hamburg for one day last week because I had to, and it felt strange. Normally I adapt easily and shift between big city and rural area – but I felt so uncomfortable because almost nobody stuck to social distancing, and even less people were wearing masks.

Tower of London was the colour I had on my nails when we came to Nienburg for our long stay, hence mid-March. It’s a beautiful gunmetal shade with holographic glitter.

tower of london

Two coats shown below.

tower of london0

tower of london1

tower of london2

tower of london3

tower of london4

Artificial light.

tower of london5

Close-up photo.

tower of london m

[A England] King’s Road

First post in March – the second week of which is about to start. I’ve been short of time, i. e. there were so many things to arrange for and organise. This weekend was filled with further training. I’ve piled up more overtime but am happy to take a day off now and then, for compensation.

As for King’s Road, to start with, I am always stunned by how A England manages to release such beautiful holos! This one has a grey and slightly beige base, and the holographic effect is amazing.

king s road

King’s Road builds up quickly, and shown below is two coats (where one would have been enough).

kings road1

kings road2

kings road3

kings road4

kings road5

Close-up photo.

kings road m1

[Essence] Holo Me Crazy

The bottle photo was taken when my mother was still among us, it’s the balcony of her former room at the nursing home. We had just come back from town and bought Holo Me Crazy. Silver purple with holographic glitter.

holo me crazy

Two coats shown below. The surface dries a bit gritty, so I applied to layers of top coat.

holo me crazy0

holo me crazy1

It’s probably hard to recognise but I took the following photos outside and after my swimming routine, so it’s Alsterschwimmhalle background.

holo me crazy2

holo me crazy3

holo me crazy4

holo me crazy5

Close-up photo.

holo me crazy m

[China Glaze] Deliciously Wicked

I was at Fantasy Filmfest White Nights during the weekend (of course; I’ve mentioned it before), with Deliciously Wicked on my nails. Horror film festivals seem a perfect opportunity for glitter nails because nobody would think it’s strange matching them with Metal band shirts (mine was Arch Enemy, on the first day). As always, I had Bäri Bäri with me.


But this is about Deliciously Wicked. It has a light blue base (pearl finish by the way, I’ve never had this before with glitter nail varnishes), which is semi-shee and contains silver holographic glitter. It’s just awesome.

deliciously wicked

deliciously wicked5

Two coats applied and, yes, it’s from the Grinch collection.

deliciously wicked1

deliciously wicked2

deliciously wicked3

deliciously wicked4

I am happy to include a daylight picture: This is on day 3, the day after White Nights, the mani still looking great.

deliciously wicked6

Close-up photos.

deliciously wicked m1 deliciously wicked m2

[China Glaze] Merry Whatever.

I totally fell for China Glaze’s Grinch Collection for Christmas, lots of sparkles, holographic glitter and really Grinch-related names. This is Merry Whatever – gold with holographic and golden glitter.

merry whatever

Two coats applied. Looks like tinsel on my nails. 😉

merry whatever1

merry whatever2

merry whatever3

merry whatever4

Daylight, which brings out the yellow proportion of the golden base.

merry whatever5

merry whatever6

Outside. You’ll notice that the glitter is really dense. Nevertheless, removing this was no pain.

merry whatever7


merry whatever m

merry whatever8

[Essence] Cosmic Lights

Getting sparkly for the Season. Cosmic Lights was a birthday present, and I adore it. The steel-grey base is packed with silver holographic glitter, adding further sparkle to the foil finish.

It’s also super easy to apply, dries fast and not too gritty. Shown below is two coats with top coat.

Natural lighting, but photos taken inside.

Close-up photo.

Bridal Veil

Bridal Veil (shown before) was my pick for Fantasy Filmfest closing night. I thought this charcoal shade with holographic glitter particles would be perfect for the last day filled with great films.


Two coats applied. Unfortunately no direct sunlight but cloudy sky, so you don’t notice the shimmer.


Artificial light with brings out the sparkle.






bridalveil m

[Essence] 1000 Light Years Away

Black teams up with holo glitter – that’s why I picked 1000 Light Years Away for last weekend, when I attended Fantasy Filmfest White Nights. I thought that this combo, which also reminds of a little galaxy on the nail, would suit fantastic and horror films. The glitter comes in various sizes.

1000 light years away

Two coats applied. These photos were taken directly after I had applied top coat; in fact 1000 Light Years Away is a top coat eater …

1000lightyearsaway 1

1000lightyearsaway 2

1000lightyearsaway 3

1000lightyearsaway 4

Daylight. The polish stayed on my nails for three days, and I had no problems with either chipping or tip wear. (But don’t forget that I spent about twelve hours on Saturday and Sunday at the cinema, went straight to bed after coming home, and I caught up with my chores on Monday again.) Just opened crisp bags while watching the ten films, and stirred my hot chocolate. :mrgreen:

1000lightyearsaway 5

1000lightyearsaway 6

Close-up. Note the hexagon-shaped glitter. 🙂

1000lightyearsaway m

[A England] The Most Happy

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂 Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Christmastime and wishing you happy holidays from the bottom of my heart. I’m at my mother’s place and a bit tired although it was a nice trip because there weren’t many people travelling. I guess most people preferred to stay at home today, spending time with their beloved ones.

At Lower Saxony, we have no snow and I admit I like the mild wheather. Tomorrow we are going to watch a DVD, King Arthur – Legend of the Sword. 😉 The swimming bath is closed, so I’ll go there again on Boxing Day.

As for The Most Happy, I had this on my nails a couple of days ago. It’s bright purple with holographic glitter and a scattered holo finish.

the most happy

Shown below is to coats.

the most happy1

the most happy2

the most happy3

the most happy4

the most happy5

Close-up photo.

the most happy m