[Chanel] Pure Black (#713)

New photos, it’s been a while, so thanks for stopping by. But I don’t want to bother you with my current state – loss, coping with suicide, everything turned upside down. It’s basically a nightmare happening since 9 September.

So, on to Pure Black (it’s in the name).

pure black713

Two coats shown below, and the green shimmer is the reflection of my phone case …

pureblack713 0

pureblack713 1

pureblack713 2

pureblack713 3

pureblack713 4

Bridal Veil

Bridal Veil (shown before) was my pick for Fantasy Filmfest closing night. I thought this charcoal shade with holographic glitter particles would be perfect for the last day filled with great films.


Two coats applied. Unfortunately no direct sunlight but cloudy sky, so you don’t notice the shimmer.


Artificial light with brings out the sparkle.






bridalveil m

Black Magic (Wet n Wild) again

I’m at my mother’s for almost one week and it’s so peaceful and calm here. Lots of space, fresh air and my favourite swimming bath. I did my nails with Ciaté Chinchilla a couple of days ago but forgot to take photos – it’s a dove grey, which I will certainly be wearing again.

In my drafts I found these photos of Black Magic, probably taken sometime in spring. As always, two coats applied.

blackmagic n1

blackmagic n2

blackmagic n3

blackmagic n4

blackmagic n5


blackmagic m1

[Chanel] Celebrity (#580)

This is the latest black Chanel has released – for Christmas last year, who would have thought? 😉 It’s stunning (although “just” black) and would be perfect for Fantasy Filmfest White Nights, which will finally take place in Hamburg too. Can’t wait.


Two coats shown below.

celebrity580 0

celebrity580 1

celebrity580 2

celebrity580 3

celebrity580 4

Artificial light.

celebrity580 5

[A England] Lancelot

Lancelot was perfect for the final day of Fantasy Filmfest. Amazing blackened cherry red, which I could not wait to try.


Two coats shown below. It’s hard to see that this is actually a very, very deep red. But it is, although the proportion of black is really high.





Artificial light.


Matte Is Murder

Last matte nail colour I am showing for the time being – you have my word. 😉 I’ve posted Matte is Murder before, back in 2011, and wore it again during Fantasy Filmfest. Because black and horror movies are a good match, and matte black with glitter is even better. Two coats applied, no top coat.

matte is murder1

matte is murder2

matte is murder3

Natural light.

matte is murder4

Close-up picture.

matte is murder m

[Essence] Meet Me Midnight

This is from the current Midnight Masquerade collection and reminds me of Chanel Ombre Essentielle “Swing” eyeshadow, only as nail varnish. They are a perfect match. Meet Me Midnight is a blue glitter polish; the small glitter being so dense that I’m not sure whether it has a blackened base … It’s also a bit iridescent, shifting from medium blue to dark blue, sometimes with a hint of purple.

meet me midnight_zpsxskubocz

Two coats shown below. I had slight issues with the stubborn brush, maybe because I have not applied Essence nail colours for quite a while and because of the bristles being cut straight at the tip. But then I got the trick and the second coat was flawless.

meet me midnight1_zpsv6o8jyqg

meet me midnight2_zpscii9tidp

meet me midnight3_zpsllthuups

meet me midnight4_zpsxqgroilx

meet me midnight5_zpsth24byjt

Close-up views.

meet me midnight m_zpsxptzhnkh meet me midnight m2_zpsbrpe2aj7

[Chanel] Gris Obscur (#538)

Here’s Gris Obscur, my latest Chanel nail varnish. Although it is called Gris, it is more a blackened dark grey (if not black) with silver microshimmer – but still unique.

gris obscur538_zpsth0v4u5b

Application was two coats. On the nails, the shimmer does not really show, it’s very, very subtle.

grisobscur538 1_zpspjygx4hi

grisobscur538 2_zpsfazhmadd

grisobscur538 3_zpsyfabfmoj

grisobscur538 4_zps6tfdg4yt


Close-up picture under direct sunlight.

gris m_zpspacj9xy1

[A England] Heathcliff

Heathcliff presents multicolour glitter in a black jelly base, the glitter bits being red, blue, silver, gold, and purple.


I applied two coats for perfect coverage (and tried not to think about removal issues, haha). To achieve a smooth finish, I sealed the mani with top coat.





Close-up picture.

heathcliff m_zps9wjd5hki