[Essence] My Love Diary

My Love Diary. This is a lovely rosewood shade, with a hint of smoky rose. I found this in my Essence advent calendar of last year, hence the gingerbread man on the lid.

my love diary_zpslxv8f3gq

Two coats applied.

my love diary1_zpskk6bfput

my love diary2_zps8e92hvan

my love diary3_zps7of8bwaa

my love diary4_zpsq10iuhlu


[Essence] Play With My Mint

Play With My Mint; this is a shade I had wanted to try for so long. Mint green is for sure a favourite colour. This came as a surprise with my Essence advent calendar, hence the cute snowflakes on the lid.

play with my mint_zpstfpreupw

Application was two coats. Perfect mint green – and glossy on its own already (although I sealed the manicure with a top coat).

play with my mint1_zpsnrmdzcqx

play with my mint2_zpsu1ly24jp

play with my mint3_zps4sbkfvmm

[Essence] Chrome Paradise

My daughter put this on her nails yesterday (she’s doing her nails on her own now 🙂 ) and I thought I could post this – with my own nails. Chrome Paradise combines dark green, grey/silver and purple shades with an iridescent shimmer finish. Quite complex and pretty.

chrome paradise_zpsktzaw6v6

Two coats applied.

chrome paradise1_zpsw9biiyvl

chrome paradise2_zpsvdxkwend

chrome paradise3_zpsh3yzs47u

chrome paradise4_zpsdibcpywn

Close-up photo.

chrome paradise m_zpskxe9cl2n

[A England] Sparks Divine

Happy Easter! Hope that you are enjoying some free days with wonderful people around you. Although my nail polish pick for Easter is Garden (I like its green undertones, really feels like springtime), I chose to show Sparks Divine today, thw photos of which had been in my drafts for quite some weeks. This is a caramel shade with a pretty shimmer, reminding me a bit of soft brown sugar. 😉

sparks divine_zpstf4p4r9r

Application was two coats.

sparks divine1_zpsxa6l6xkm

sparks divine2_zpspsxvfjad

sparks divine3_zpso7vf0xid

sparks divine4_zpsv5abs1o2

sparks divine5_zpsryrrvtkm

Close-up view (pretty small picture, I know …).

sparks divine m_zpstw3id0vg

[Essence] Be My Town Home (over City Girls Rule)

Be My Town Home is an amazing glitter top coat I was given at, I guess, my birthday, thus way back in November, and which I have not tried until recently. It’s beautiful and stunning containing glitter in various shapes and sizes, such as white hexagon chunks, black, pink and fuchsia glitter bits. They all come in a transparent base, no need for fishing either.

Be My Town Home

Here is one coat of Be My Town Home over Essence City Girls Rule (not yet shown), a silver foil.

Be My Town Home

Be My Town Home

Be My Town Home

Close-up picture.

Be My Town Home

[Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend] Baechnik (Баечник)

Actually meant for Halloween, I wore Baechnik about a week ago because it matched perfectly my grey and black striped knit dress, and I am trying some Fantasy Filmfest outfits at present. Only a little more than one month to go until the “Nights” will be starting, marking the start of my personal film fest year. 🙂

Baechnik has a very transparent light grey base and is packed with black glitter coming in different shape and size, even spider-shaped, but it does not look too creepy. Fishing for bigger glitter chunks is easy too.


Because it’s so sheer, I applied three coats.






Close-up view.

Baechnik m_zpsfypqoivr