[Dior] Love (#770)

One of my latest Dior purchases is Love, which belongs to an interim collection. The colour is a pretty red with a hint of raspberry.


Two coats applied. Loved to wear this. 🙂

love770 1

love770 2

love770 3

love770 4

Artificial light.

love770 5

love770 6

Rose Bower Again

Here are recent photos of beautiful Rose Bower (shown a while ago), which I hope you will enjoy. 🙂 Application was two coats and all photos were taken in bright sunlight. 😎

rosebower n1_zpsfk5lpxig rosebower n2_zpsytpnjal3

rosebower n3_zpsvyttix2m Close-up picture. rosebower m_zpswalv2tme

[Essence] Miss Frost

Yes … that’s wa winter release. I got this for Christmas from my daughter, and since I am into reds, Miss Frost is a beautiful addition to my stash. The red contains a tad of raspberry and also a visible shimmer – but overall the finish is matte!

miss frost_zpsp03gqd0x

Two coats shown below. No top coat of course. 😉

miss frost1_zpsvhjqn7in

miss frost2_zpstunufavg

miss frost3_zps3hwu1h1t

Close-up picture.

miss frost m_zpstnoklrxs

[p2] I Don’t Care

Since it has been snowing again, here is another winter shade, I Don’t Care. And somehow it’s true – I don’t mind the snow. Firstly, it is not that much and secondly, I stayed at my cosy home. :mrgreen: That’s why all photos were taken inside, haha. I Don’t Care has a red jelly base with a visible proportion of raspberry, and it is packed with lots of white glitter in various sizes and shapes.

I Don't Care

Two coats shown below.

I Don't Care

I Don't Care

I Don't Care

Close-up view.

I Don't Care

[Butter London] Fiddlesticks

Here is another mani I had applied shortly before Christmas (which at present seems ages ago 😯 ), Fiddlesticks. I had worn this raspberry/magenta pink with sparkling glitter particles a couple of months before, at the beginning of last year or so, and I liked it – but the weather was not good enough to take photos, as lighting in the flat was somewhat bad. So here is Fiddlesticks.


I have no clue how the name relates to the name of this colour – but it is pretty. 🙂 When applying Fiddlesticks, I had a little scratch on my ring finger, thus the plaster.