[Dior] Ready (#120)

Now that it’s finally summer, here is the third colour of this year’s Dior nail polishes for the currently sunny and hot season. Ready is a light yellow, containing a hint of pastel, and it has a slight shimmer finish (which is best visible under direct sunlight).


Two coats applied. The photos were taken in the most beautiful location, which is my favourite swimming bath: “Kaifu” (which stands for Kaiser-Friedrich-Ufer) open air pool. 😎 Love this place so much! I’m going swimming five to six times a week now, having found back to my usual routine.

ready120 1

ready120 2

ready120 3

ready120 4


ready120 m

[Dior] Vibes (#712)

I’m not yet back in Hamburg (but will be from Wednesday – so much for further planning) and having a quiet and peaceful time in Lower Saxony. Although it’s raining today and temperatures have dropped again, being here feels just right. I even discovered local delivery services, since I won’t eat out for the time being, preferring staying home and safe.

With that said, I hope you are doing fine too. I am quite aware that self-isolation is not for everyone. I am used to it because I’m an introvert but if you are not, I hope you will be able making the most of the current situation.

Blue and green nail colours remind of the sea, don’t they? At least they carry good vibes – which is what Dior might have intended when releasing Vibes. This one combines blue and emerald green (unfortunately, none of the photos is really colour-accurate) with a slight silver shimmer.


Two coats shown below (under artificial lighting). I will be wearing this again and probably take better photos when outside in the sun.

vibes712 1

vibes712 2

vibes712 3

vibes712 4

Close-up photo.

vibes712 m

[Dior] Evasion (#336)

The name matches the mood. :mrgreen: Unfortunately today’s the day and I will be off to Hamburg in a few hours, locking myself up in the flat! Hope the trains will run smoothly.

Note my reflection in the bottle cap. 😎 Evasion has an apricot base containing golden shimmer particles.


So much for the close-up, because the shimmer does not really transfer to the nail.

evasion336 m

Application was two coats – I was surprised how good it matched with my skintone. So Evasion is actually a classy and chic colour.

evasion336 1

evasion336 2

evasion336 3

evasion336 4

[Dior] Boost (#542)

Our wonderful (and safe) stay in Nienburg will come to an end on Tuesday – I’m not looking forward to going back to Hamburg. Obviously there are too many people who’ve had enough of the lockdown; to me it was just quiet times because I don’t need people around me, or mass events or even shopping. And, apart from all that, what might happen next, regarding Coronavirus?

Of course my flat in Hamburg is cute and nice … but I’d rather stay here where everything reminds me of my family whom I miss so much.

I probably should present today’s nail colour, which is Boost, berry pink with a slight berry and silver shimmer. I had found it on the Dior website.


Two coats applied. The shimmer is barely visible.

boost542 0

boost542 1

boost542 2

boost542 3

boost542 4

Close-up photo.

boost542 m

[Chanel] Deepness (#715)

In my stash, Deepness is quite unique. This, yes, deep dark – almost blackened – green contains a slight golden shimmer, which is barely visible after application. (It’s barely visible in the bottle too.)


Two coats shown below.

deepness715 1

deepness715 2

deepness715 3

deepness715 4

Artificial lighting.

deepness715 5

deepness715 6


deepness715 m

For those of you who might wonder – I’m quite happy with my job situation now. I’ll finish my second week at the bookshop tomorrow and I really like it. The staff is sweet, I get along well with the customers and like interacting with everyone. Being among books is amazing and there is always time for checking out books, so miy wish list keeps growing!

I quit tutoring maths because I need my free days for myself (and my daughter), and although I got along well with the pupils and am generally into maths, I can’t deliver lessons when parents are unwilling to pay an appropriate fee; I didn’t even charge that much but some wouldn’t pay an amount equal to a medium-sized Starbucks. Nevertheless it is easy finding pupils, so if I am in need of some extra money, I will be offering maths tutoring again. But for the time being, I try to adjust to a new life.

[Dior] Camel (#224)

Camel was, as far as I’ve heard, Asia-exclusive. However, I purchased it online from the Dior webshop. It’s a light peach with golden glassflecks.


Sorry for the bad light but days have been rainy recently, so it’s hard to take photos outside. Two coats shown below.

camel224 1

camel224 2

camel224 3


camel224 m

[Essence] Miss Universe

Season is getting more glittery, so here is Miss Universe, packed with blue and green (teal) glitter and, moreover, a purple shimmer. This isn’t available anymore, I regret. You might notice the old bottle design. But I’m still wearing this pretty colour from time to time, of course.

miss universe_zpsgk8isbmf

Two coats shown below.





Close-up photo.

missuniverse m

[Chanel] Radiant Rouge Noir (#733)

Sorry for the rare posts but I am currently spending the summer at out house in Lower Saxony, escaping the big city life, and I’m not trying new nail colours here – but who knows, I’ll be checking out the local drugstore again on Wednesday.

Radiant Rouge Noir is the metallic version of iconic Rouge Noir (click here for the 2016 version), which has always been part of my very own inner circle of favourite nail colours. 😉 Hence, the base of Radiant Rouge Noir is dark red, enriched with golden and red shimmer.

radiant rougenoir733

Two coats shown below.

radiant rougenoir733 0

radiant rougenoir733 1

radiant rougenoir733 2

radiant rougenoir733 3

radiant rougenoir733 4

I tried to take photos outside the next day but we have the bin romantic again.

radiant rougenoir733 5

radiant rougenoir733 6

Close-up photo.

radiant rougenoir733 m

[Chanel] Afterglow (#703)

Afterglow is from the summer (or “Cruise”) collection. It’s a nude beige with subtle golden shimmer – and at least semi-sheer.


When looking at the bottle, you hardly notice the shimmer, and it won’t really show up on the nails too, but it’s there.

afterglow703 0

Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful, neutral colour, going perfectly with my skin tone. I am pretty tanned now. Because Afterglow is so sheer, I applied three coats and there is still a visible nail line. This shade must look god with French nails, using two or just one coat.

afterglow703 1

afterglow703 2

afterglow703 3

afterglow703 4

At home, inside.

afterglow703 5

Close-up photo.

afterglow703 m