[A England] Catherine Howard

As I had mentioned before I was expecting A England’s Tudoresque nail varnishes and can tell you now that I am totally into this collection. Here’s the first one I applied, Catherine Howard (the fifth and youngest wife of Henry VIII). The colour is teal with a scattered holo effect and golden bits of glitter.

catherine howard

This is actually a one-coater, so dense and opaque. Only because I am used to it, I applied two coats.






Macro photo.

catherinehoward m


Emerald (Dior, #809) again

I’m waiting for A England’s Tudoresque to arrive – and have more or less applied colours I had worn before, more or less. That’s why I have finally better photos of beautiful Emerald, one of my Christmas favourites this year.

emerald809 n1

emerald809 n2

emerald809 n3

Close-up. This is such an amazing colour, in my view. It even seems to contain a hint of teal.

emerald809  m

[China Glaze] Custom Kicks

This is a real summer colour: Custom Kicks combines bright teal with golden microshimmer. The latter, however, is barely visible on the nails. But the shade is generally awesome.

custom kicks

Two coats applied. However, hard times after removal, i. e. stains. But the colour is worth it.





Artificial light.




Close-up view.


[Essence] Born to Be Wild

Born to Be Wild, another birthday present I received from my daughter and my mother. And again they put much effort in selecting brilliant shades. Moreover, I like effect nail varnishes, especially when Christmas is near (and it is, less than one month to go 😯 ).This is an iridescent teal/petrol with metallic finish.

Born to Be Wild

Two coats applied.

Born to Be Wild

Born to Be Wild

Born to Be Wild

Born to Be Wild

Born to Be Wild

Macro picture.

Born to Be Wild