[Dior] Printemps – Été 2014

I have the feeling it’s never going stop raining; it’s already the second day with nonstop rainfalls, and I actualy thought we’ve got summer! Today I got up at 5.40 in the morning, in order to catch the train to Hamburg … and got so tired in the late afternoon. 😉 So I am back in the big city for two days.

Printemps – Été 2014 at least alludes to summer, also in terms of its colour, which is a bright carrot shade. Moreover, it is the exact colour of Dior Mango. Believe me, not a tad different.

printemps-ete 2014

So here is Printemps – Été 2014 on my nails, two coats.

printemps ete2014 1

printemps ete2014 2

printemps ete2014 3

printemps ete2014 4

See? I told you so. 😉



[Chanel] Ultrasonic

Orange neon. This is incredibly flashy and so far my favourite of the Neon Waves.


Three thin coats over white, no top coat (but hand cream on the next day, thus the normally semi-matte finish seems a bit glossy).




So bright! Too this photo with Arthur Bear while chasing Pokémon and fighting at a Pokégym in Kellinghusenpark.


Artificial light.


Indirect natural light.



[China Glaze] Tis The Sea-Sun

Pulling bright colours! Spring is here – we are expecting 16 degrees celsius tomorrow, so wow 😎 – and although Tis The Sea-Sun had initially been released for Christmas, it’s definitely a shade for warmer days too. The colour is coral with a hint of orange.

Tis The Sea-Sun_zpsoa62wnuz

Two coats applied.

tis the sea-sun1_zpsx8e1wodj

tis the sea-sun2_zpswdqlampd

tis the sea-sun3_zpsegpq2hjb

Artificial light.

tis the sea-sun4_zpsu67lx4sn

tis the sea-sun5_zpsqzuqjqvr

tis the sea-sun6_zpsvxfp9tok

[Chanel] Espadrilles (534)

Here is my current favourite for summer, Espadrilles. It’s a bright orange red, its colour coming close to blood orange.


Sorry for having taken the photos inside although Espadrilles is generally a stunner. I will surely wear this again and then present some better pictures. Application was two coats.

espadrilles534 1_zpsbkuudk1n

espadrilles534 2_zpspqzloa6o

espadrilles534 3_zpstz3gbph4

[Dior] Polka Dots Confettis 002 (432, 652)

Dior’s nail colours for summer come in pairs and with a dotting tool to create a polka dot nail design. Confettis consist of shade nos. 432 (apricot) and 652 (coral).

confettis002 652 432_zpsierpwglv

Although I’m quite a failure when it comes to nail art, I was eager to give the polka dots a try. I did galaxy nails two years ago, so I already had worked with a dotting tool … but my dots got bigger and bigger, the more I tried to do them accurately in order to achieve a nice circle (painting with my left hand, the dots looked more like flowers, totally out of shape)! Finally the dotting tool rolled over the drops of nail varnish I had deposited on a sheet of paper (to take up with the tool). :mrgreen: In general (or just regarding myself), make sure to take your time, and renew the drops so that they won’t dry or become gooey. Enough said, here is my result.

confettis002 1_zpscgvotmy6

confettis002 2_zpseay5ynmi>

confettis002 3_zpspnn1dpyi

confettis002 4_zpswoefagtw

After application my mood changed quickly from “I will never do this again and wear those pretty colours separately, as regular nail varnish” to “I’ll certainly give the other two sets a try, this was actually quite some fun”. 😉