[Dior] Go (#230)

Hello from Nienburg! I’m obviously distributing my time between Hamburg and Lower Saxony. Here is a shade which I will be wearing a lot during this summer, because it’s orange (with hidden sparkle) and looks so fresh: Go.


Two coats applied.

go230 1

go230 2

go230 3

go230 4

go230 5

go230 6


go230 m

I started swimming again last week, and while the outdoor pool in Hamburg was horrifying – crowded pool, no proper lanes, had a nosebleed and was scared because of all the people, no distance either -, Saturday and Sunday at the local pool in Nienburg (not my usual swimming bath though, but that one will be open from Wednesday) was just great. Getting back into swimming wasn’t that hard and it feels good being back!

[Chanel] Radiant Arancio (#729)

Radiant Arancio is the metallic version of Arancio Vibrante, in case you find this bright orange familiar. This one comes a golden shimmer, which is subtle yet visible.

radiant arancio729

As for the initial ahde, I liked it very much, and hence the same applies to Radiant Arancio. Here is two coats.

radiant arancio729 0

radiant arancio729 1

radiant arancio729 3

radiant arancio729 4

Close-up of the golden shimmer.

radiant arancio729 m

[Dior] Coraloha (#567)

I check the Dior website regularly, for new releases and inspiration. Hence I found Coraloha, a semi-sheer coral base with golden and coral glitter particles. I don’t know the collection it belongs to – any suggestions welcome -, I just ordered it because I noticed that I needed it for my stash, and I don’t know whether it’s meant to be used as a topper either.


Since it’s really sheer, this is three coats, still with visible nail line.

coraloha567 1

coraloha567 2

coraloha567 3

coraloha567 4

But the colour is pretty and the glitter makes it somehow special. Here it is outside under natural light.

coraloha567 5


coraloha567 m

[Dior] Orange Sienna (#536)

Having attended Japan Filmfest (I had a wonderful time), I needed to catch up regarding sleep, housework and stuff. I’ve seen 17 films from Wednesday to Sunday and in particular enjoyed my horror picks and the Anime day on Sunday. As for nail colours, I had chosen Blue Drop and Emblématique, both from my favourites’ box on the shelf next to my desk.

Two days ago, I applied Orange Sienna, which is still on my nails. It might be needles to day that this is orange. 😎

orange sienna536

Two coats shown below. Photos were taken at Alsterschwimmhalle when I started swimming again, after five days.

orangesienna536 1

orangesienna536 2

orangesienna536 3

orangesienna536 4

[Dior] Solar (#332)

Solar. Today is the day: I haven’t been outside since last Thursday (instead I stayed at home, having a bad cold). It had been snowing overnight but nevertheless I’ll risk going out, because I need to post a parcel and get some groceries. So let’s see.

But back to Solar: Apricot with a frost finish and slight golden shimmer. I don’t know what to think of this, so I ask you: Do you like it?


Two coats shown below.

soloar332 1

soloar332 2

soloar332 3

soloar332 4

soloar332 5

soloar332 6


soloar332 m

[China Glaze] Accent Piece

Here we have a perfect autumn colour (although it’s almost winter, I guess). Accent Piece is pumpkin orange, also containing orange shimmer.

Photographed at our window with matching leaves in the background. 🙂 I had applied two coats of Accent Piece.

Artificial light, which makes the shimmer almost look golden.