[Chanel] Légèreté (#608)

This is my favourite of the Chanel Cruise Collection for summer 2018: Légèreté. Muted sage green.


Shown below is two coats.

legerete608 0

legerete608 1

legerete608 2

legerete608 3

legerete608 4


[Chanel] Verde Pastello (#590)

Finally another green. I really like Chanel’s nail colours for spring (it’s actually their spring/summer collection), since I am more into the bright and colourful shades. Verde Pastello is a muted green with hints of pastel and turquoise, depending on the light.


Two coats shown below.

verdepastello590 0

verdepastello590 1

verdepastello590 2

verdepastello590 3

verdepastello590 4

Finally – it’s been one month – I’m going to my mother’s place again! January was jammed with so many activities and stuff. Although I’ve been enjoying doing so much and especially Fantasy Filmfest White Nights last weekend, Iam looking forward to spending the weekend in Lower Saxony. Of course!

Wishing you, too, a wonderful weekend!

Emerald (Dior, #809) again

I’m waiting for A England’s Tudoresque to arrive – and have more or less applied colours I had worn before, more or less. That’s why I have finally better photos of beautiful Emerald, one of my Christmas favourites this year.

emerald809 n1

emerald809 n2

emerald809 n3

Close-up. This is such an amazing colour, in my view. It even seems to contain a hint of teal.

emerald809  m

[Chanel] Fiction (#582)

Dark (Christmas tree 😉 ) green, which really makes me looking forward to the season.


fiction582 1

Two coats shown below.

fiction582 2

fiction582 3

fiction582 4

fiction582 5

I went out yesterday to do some Christmas shopping, enjoying the festive decoration everywhere. This is at Levantehaus in Hamburg.


In the end, I bought some funny Christmas jumpers. 😉 Of course my favourite one of these is the one on the right: It’s a skating bear with nerd glasses. 🐻


[Chanel] Vert No. 22 (#822)

Here’s finally Vert No. 22, a greyish green. At first sight, it might look boring but I think this is a very special colour because it matches every other shade.

vert no22

Two coats shown below.

vertno22 1

vertno22 2

vertno22 3

vertno22 4

vertno22 5


vert22 5

vert22 6

I showed this to Mother Toad – who wasn’t impressed at all and preferred to stay in her earth hole. 😉

vert22 0

[Chanel] Vert No. 19 (#821)

Vert No. 19 is a turquoise green.

vert no19

Mine has a quite unique brush, which is not attached to the screw cap … 🙄 :mrgreen:

vertno19 5

Nevertheless, I was able to use it (probable due to years of painting my nails, haha). 😉 Here’s two coats under artificial lights, no top coat.

vertno19 0

vertno19 1

vertno19 2

vertno19 4

These are the pictures of the actual mani I am wearing right now. My nails are a bit shorter now and I sealed the manicure with Chanel Le Gel Topcoat.

vert no19 821 n1

vert no19 821 n2

vert no19 821 n3

vert no19 821 n4

[Dior] Emerald (#809)

Emerald is my latest and brand new Dior and belongs to this year’s Holiday collection, which had arrived last Saturday at Alsterhaus but since they had not testers, the display was still waiting for being set up. Emerald is a green metallic with a hint of turquoise.


Two coats shown below.

emerald809 1

emerald809 2

emerald809 3

On my way to the centre of Nienburg, the small town in Lower Saxony where my mother lives.

emerald809 4

Letterbox in the background. :mrgreen:

emerald809 5

emerald809 6


emerald809 m