[Chanel] Vert No. 22 (#822)

Here’s finally Vert No. 22, a greyish green. At first sight, it might look boring but I think this is a very special colour because it matches every other shade.

vert no22

Two coats shown below.

vertno22 1

vertno22 2

vertno22 3

vertno22 4

vertno22 5


vert22 5

vert22 6

I showed this to Mother Toad – who wasn’t impressed at all and preferred to stay in her earth hole. 😉

vert22 0


[Chanel] Vert No. 19 (#821)

Vert No. 19 is a turquoise green.

vert no19

Mine has a quite unique brush, which is not attached to the screw cap … 🙄 :mrgreen:

vertno19 5

Nevertheless, I was able to use it (probable due to years of painting my nails, haha). 😉 Here’s two coats under artificial lights, no top coat.

vertno19 0

vertno19 1

vertno19 2

vertno19 4

These are the pictures of the actual mani I am wearing right now. My nails are a bit shorter now and I sealed the manicure with Chanel Le Gel Topcoat.

vert no19 821 n1

vert no19 821 n2

vert no19 821 n3

vert no19 821 n4

[Dior] Emerald (#809)

Emerald is my latest and brand new Dior and belongs to this year’s Holiday collection, which had arrived last Saturday at Alsterhaus but since they had not testers, the display was still waiting for being set up. Emerald is a green metallic with a hint of turquoise.


Two coats shown below.

emerald809 1

emerald809 2

emerald809 3

On my way to the centre of Nienburg, the small town in Lower Saxony where my mother lives.

emerald809 4

Letterbox in the background. :mrgreen:

emerald809 5

emerald809 6


emerald809 m

[Dior] Paradox (#917)

I’m almost on the way to catch my train to Hamburg, but not without showing you Paradox. Green with grey and shimmer, creating a metallic finish. At first glance I felt reminded of Black Pearl – and how I like green-toned shades. However, Black Pearl has a bigger proportion of green, while the shimmer of Paradox is more prominent.


Two coats shown below.

paradox917 1

paradox917 2

paradox917 3

paradox917 4

paradox917 5

Close-up photo.

paradox917 m

[Chanel] Fantastic (Neon Wave)

Monday marked the day of my first visit to Chanel Beauty Boutique at Mönckebergstraße, Hamburg’s major shopping areas. The boutique opened a year ago and I had not managed going there, since I usually purchase my nail varnishes at Alsterhaus or online. But regarding the Neon Wave collection, I felt I had to get them at the Boutique, not wanting to wait for any delivery (they are boutique-exclusive). Which I did not regret of course. The shop assistants were lovely and the boutique is beautiful. So Chanel, so handy when you live in Hamburg.

As a fan of greens, I will show you Fantastic first.


All of the Neon Wave colours are flashy, but it’s hard to capture their brightness when taking photos. This might give you an idea.


Shown below is three coats of Fantastic – with top coat, the finish is normally semi-matte, and I realised that I actually prefer wearing these without top coat (which you will see with the blue one, Electric, in a different post). What is more, for the next manicure I tried white base, to bringt out the neon effect.


Nevertheless Fantastic stands out against the grey clouds.





Caprice Again

I had shown Caprice before but with rather dark photos under artificial light, which didn’t do this lime green justice. As I like this colour and wear it from time to time, here are some newer – and better – photos. 🙂 Application was two coats.