[Dior] Vibes (#712)

I’m not yet back in Hamburg (but will be from Wednesday – so much for further planning) and having a quiet and peaceful time in Lower Saxony. Although it’s raining today and temperatures have dropped again, being here feels just right. I even discovered local delivery services, since I won’t eat out for the time being, preferring staying home and safe.

With that said, I hope you are doing fine too. I am quite aware that self-isolation is not for everyone. I am used to it because I’m an introvert but if you are not, I hope you will be able making the most of the current situation.

Blue and green nail colours remind of the sea, don’t they? At least they carry good vibes – which is what Dior might have intended when releasing Vibes. This one combines blue and emerald green (unfortunately, none of the photos is really colour-accurate) with a slight silver shimmer.


Two coats shown below (under artificial lighting). I will be wearing this again and probably take better photos when outside in the sun.

vibes712 1

vibes712 2

vibes712 3

vibes712 4

Close-up photo.

vibes712 m

[A England] Punk

Seeing this makes me actually miss Hamburg – although I’m happy being in my small hometown. I’m definitely enjoying the time here, despite the COVID crisis, but I’m in a safe place. Our town itself is still not affected by infections, concering the county, there are about 30 people, who I hope will get well soon!

I’ve started to refurbish the house (which my husband had begun with before he became ill and died) and it can be fun sometimes.

But this post was actually about Punk – to me, this is one of the most stunning colours I’ve seen by A England. Holographic green (and we are speaking of bright green) with golden and green holo glitter.


I told you so – it’s amazing. Two coats applied.






Managed to take a photo outside (this was still in Hamburg).



punk m

Stay safe!

[Essence] Be Passionate

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I was just happy about having two days off work; it’s been really hard during Christmastime, in addition to the grief. Of course …

I might be catching up with all those amazing nail colours next year. Until then here’s Be Passionate, which was a birthday gift by my daughter. It’s a blue-ish green metallic, hence pretty for Christmas too.

be passionate

Two coats applied.

be passionate1

be passionate2

Artificial lighting.

be passionate3

be passionate4

be passionate5

be passionate6


be passionatem

One more day at the bookshop tomorrow and then we will be spending a week in Lower Saxony.

[Dior] Rush Hour (#502)

My favourite colour from the current Dior nail varnish collection for autumn is Rush Hour. Of course – because nothing beats bright acid green (although this one contains a visible proportion of yellow).

rush hour502

The formula is a bit on the jelly side, and shown below is two coats.

rushhour502 1

rushhour502 2

rushhour502 3

Daylight brings out the yellow in Rush Hour.

rushhour502 4

rushhour502 5

rushhour502 6

My first thought was that Rush Hour might be close to Caprice, but the latter is in fact a bit darker and more green-ish.

caprice501 rushhour502

[Chanel] Radiant Verde (#723)

Chanel’s latest release is six ‘radiant’ shades, alluding to already existent colours. I bought them at Beauty Boutique Hamburg at the beginning of the week, and the first shade I tried is Radiant Verde, the shimmer version of Vert No. 19. Hence this one is a blend of mint and turquoise green too, and golden shimmer was added.

radiant verde723

I can’t say why I expected a formula more on the sheerer side, but much to my surprise, Radiant Green is actually a one-coater! (Exclamation mark quite necessary. 😉 ) With just one coat it is fully opaque. To achieve a more even result, shown below is two coats. I also apologise for the bins in the background; our neighbour had the hedge and bushes removed. 😦

radiant verde723 0

radiant verde723 1

radiant verde723 2

radiant verde723 3

radiant verde723 4

Artificial lighting.

radiant verde723 5

radiant verde723 6

Close-up photo.

radiant verde723 m

[OPI] Envy the Adventure

My first emerald green with crème finish, Envy the Adventure. It’s from the Nutcracker and the Four Realms collection, and I also realised that it’s been ages since my last OPI nail colour.

Envy the Adventure

Application was two coats.

envy the adventure1

envy the adventure2

envy the adventure3

envy the adventure4

envy the adventure5

I’m basically ‘back to business’, i.e. my flu has gone. Finally! Today I went swimming again, which I wasn’t able to do for almost two weeks. It’s still another ten days until I will be at the house again (my mother’s house, now mine), visiting my parents at the graveyard and so on …

[China Glaze] Grinchworthy

Finally, this year is about to come to an end. I’m so looking forward to 2019; there’s nothing I am going to miss regarding 2018. Tomorrow will be my last swim of the year. Since my mother died, I spend lots of time in the swimming pool, refining my strokes and loving it. I’ll also get some chocolate-filled and piggy-shaped doughnuts afterwards, which are sold at the local bakery, and they look so tasty.

Probably the last post for this year is Grinchworthy. I haven’t brought any new (i.e. not yet tried) colours here, but the rest of the Grinch collection, as well as two Diors I had bought just before the loss of my mother (I unpacked them only recently) are waiting in Hamburg. As for Grinchworthy, expect a green base, which is packed with golden and green glitter.


See for yourself – two coats shown below.







grinchworthy m

Since I won’t be posting tomorrow, to bring this year to an end: Thank you so much for following, stopping by and reading my posts. It means a lot to me and I hope to welcome you again next year. Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, and may all you wish for, and our resolutions, come true in 2019.

[Chanel] Verde Pastello (#590)

Finally another green. I really like Chanel’s nail colours for spring (it’s actually their spring/summer collection), since I am more into the bright and colourful shades. Verde Pastello is a muted green with hints of pastel and turquoise, depending on the light.


Two coats shown below.

verdepastello590 0

verdepastello590 1

verdepastello590 2

verdepastello590 3

verdepastello590 4

Finally – it’s been one month – I’m going to my mother’s place again! January was jammed with so many activities and stuff. Although I’ve been enjoying doing so much and especially Fantasy Filmfest White Nights last weekend, Iam looking forward to spending the weekend in Lower Saxony. Of course!

Wishing you, too, a wonderful weekend!