[Chanel] Liquid Mirror (#540)

Liquid Mirror. I like grey and silver on my nails, at least from time to time; moreover, silver is rare in collections, regarding nail colour. Liquid Mirror is a silver foil, flashy yet elegant.

liquid mirror540_zpsmub2tlu8

Two coats shown below.

liquid mirror540 1_zpsbeql8exn

liquid mirror540 3_zpsfuixazf9

liquid mirror540 4_zpsmkgh9pvm

liquid mirror5402_zpsnodekxec

Close-up view.


This is how Liquid Mirror relates to other silver shades: Silver, Intemporel, Liquid Mirror and Miroir.




[Dior] NYC Peach (130)

NYC Peach is a light peach with a tad of pastel, overall a bit lighter than Majesty, also containing less pink.

nyc peach130_zpsccbhdbie

It might not be meant for every skin type, but I like it somehow because it looks classy. Two coats applied.

nyc peach130 1_zpsey3zjlm1

nyc peach130 2_zpsvklt1mgq

nyc peach130 3_zpsgcqzukvu

nyc peach130 4_zpswrns1nxz

NYC Peach, Majesty.

nyc peach majesty_zpsvhgtpbsy

[Dior] Bar (902)

That’s it, I’m already past the first half of Fantasy Filmfest (today is Day 7 of 12, and I’m about to leave for the awesome Savoy), and it has been great so far. 🙂

This is Bar, a black nail varnish, but with hints of shimmer, being visible in the bottle as well as (under direkt light) on the nails, but only slightly.


Two coats.







Close-up view.


My favourite black Dior polish is Untitled Black (904), but actually there is not any difference between Bar and Untitled Black, except that Bar has the new gel-like formula, and with 902 and 904 even the numbers are close.

Fall 2014

So I went shopping today, just a quick peek. :mrgreen:


My favourite is Carré Bleu, but I’m also eager to try Orage – it might probably convince me when applied on the nails and layered with Atmosphère. As for Secret, I’m sure that it will clash with my skin tone, while Pied-de-poule will look lovely, just my pick of a lighter taupe.

Here’s Blue Denim next to Carré Bleu, and when I saw Bar, Untitled Black (904) came into my mind instantly. In the bottle, I do not notice any difference …


I also got Yves Saint Laurent Bleu Céladon and Dior Aventure. Initially, I had planned a swatch afternoon for today, taking lots of photos, but the weather today has all been Orage and Atmosphère, it has been raining more or less all day, with the sky covered with grey clouds. So I might try at least some of these neu shades tomorrow.

[Dior] Captain

Here come the last of the three Transat Manucure nail varnishes of Summer 2014, Captain. It’s a bright tomato red, its formula being a bit, i.e. just the right amount, jelly-ish.


Two coats.






Captain is close to Pandore, which I already compared with Trafalgar 747 (since I have not tried last year’s Trafalgar 657 yet) and Tie & Dye.

Sailor, Yacht or Captain – to be honest, I have not picked a favourite yet, since they are so different. I love the deep blue of Sailor, which is a truly beautiful summer shade. As for Captain, I might wear this all year round, and Yacht simply fits every occasion, it’s a pretty neutral to be worn when I want to draw attention to my lips … you know I also love statement lip colours. 😉

[Dior] Sailor

I’m so glad that my friend Judi helped me again regarding getting my hands on some beautiful Diors – here’s the Transat Collection. 🙂 Love all of its shades!


The bright blue shade, Sailor, is on my nails now.


Sailor is awesome. But: so hard to capture! I tried my best, the first to photos were taken with indirect lighting, and they turned out being pretty colour-authentic.



In the background a magazine reporting about Brücke 10 snackbar; they serve the best fish buns ever!



Finally, artificial light.



I have not tried the nail decals yet coming with the Transat nail varnishes; I’m not that much into nail stickers (most of the times, they just don’t fit properly or come of too easily), but I will check them out soon, maybe with Captain or Yacht.

Sailor is a tad darker than my still favourite bright blue, Electric Blue (left). On the right, we have Blue Denim.


[Dior] Front Row

Front Row is one of the latest Dior nail varnishes; it’s a bright pink with a tad of fuchsia, containing a visible shimmer. I picked it mainly because it reminded me of Chanel Tentation and thus I wanted to have a closer look.

front row

Two coats of Front Row. In general, I like it, but to me, it’s more a summer shade, because of the shimmer.

front row

front row

front row

Close-up view.

front row

Here’s a bottle comparison of Front Row and Tentation. Although I haven’t swatched them side by side yet, you may already recognise from the bottles that they are really close. I would probably pick Tentation, I cannot say why, but probable because of its formula, although Front Row dries rather quickly.

front row tentation