[Dior] Sailor

I’m so glad that my friend Judi helped me again regarding getting my hands on some beautiful Diors – here’s the Transat Collection. 🙂 Love all of its shades!


The bright blue shade, Sailor, is on my nails now.


Sailor is awesome. But: so hard to capture! I tried my best, the first to photos were taken with indirect lighting, and they turned out being pretty colour-authentic.



In the background a magazine reporting about Brücke 10 snackbar; they serve the best fish buns ever!



Finally, artificial light.



I have not tried the nail decals yet coming with the Transat nail varnishes; I’m not that much into nail stickers (most of the times, they just don’t fit properly or come of too easily), but I will check them out soon, maybe with Captain or Yacht.

Sailor is a tad darker than my still favourite bright blue, Electric Blue (left). On the right, we have Blue Denim.



3 thoughts on “[Dior] Sailor

  1. So happy to help, anytime, just let me know! I love this blue, it reminds me of Sally Hansen Pacific blue, I don’t know if you’ve tried that but it’s my favorite value shade. Well, one of them anyway!

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