[Dior] Yacht

This is going to be a longer but quite a bit messy post … First of all, Yacht matches wonderfully with my skintone. It’s a perfect match, and that’s why I like Yacht, and this nude, sand-toned beige has been on my nails for two days now.


Two coats, photos were taken in direct sunlight.




With indirect sunlight (not just because the past days were quite cloudy), it looks a bit darker.




As mentioned in the Sailor post, one characteristic of the Transat nail varnishes is the sticker sheet, and this time I gave it a try … but failed. 😦 I guess they apply best (and thus look best) on more or less flat surfaces. My nails are small and curved, so even the smallest decal would not fit properly. Sorry for the messy view! 😯


This is much more interesting – Yacht with Grège and Essie Sand Tropez. The latter is, at least in the bottle and although it does not seem so in the picture, pretty close to Yacht. Grège has a warmer tone.

grège yacht sand tropez


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