Fall 2014

So I went shopping today, just a quick peek. :mrgreen:


My favourite is Carré Bleu, but I’m also eager to try Orage – it might probably convince me when applied on the nails and layered with Atmosphère. As for Secret, I’m sure that it will clash with my skin tone, while Pied-de-poule will look lovely, just my pick of a lighter taupe.

Here’s Blue Denim next to Carré Bleu, and when I saw Bar, Untitled Black (904) came into my mind instantly. In the bottle, I do not notice any difference …


I also got Yves Saint Laurent Bleu Céladon and Dior Aventure. Initially, I had planned a swatch afternoon for today, taking lots of photos, but the weather today has all been Orage and Atmosphère, it has been raining more or less all day, with the sky covered with grey clouds. So I might try at least some of these neu shades tomorrow.


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